Daily Driver Podcast

How do they live the dream life? Part Two: No Misconceptions

This is part 2 in a multi part series about the semi-viral Facebook post in regard to racing every week (who watches your business, how do you do it logistically, financially and even as parents). In this week’s episode, let’s look into the financial piece. 

How Do They Live The Dream Life?

This episode is directed to answering a question that came across Facebook that went semi-viral and is going to be part of a mini series going forward here on the Daily Driver. In a nutshell the post was asking about how people are racing frequently and how they can afford to do it. Let’s look first at mindset. 


This episode was one that I couldn’t wait to record and it’s all about gratitude. Take a ride with me as we start back at my first Spring Fling Million win and end with the second win focusing on gratitude. 

The Biggest Key to Success

In this episode, we’re going to do something a little different. I’m going to read my latest column on Confidence from The Science of Winning. If you like this format, let us know! 


Being nervous doesn’t mean you are unprepared or uncertain. It is possible to be both confident and nervous. Embrace the nerves.

Starting Line Mechanics

When we struggle on the starting line, we inherently look for reasons why. We don’t want to admit that the weak link is us. Whether that is mental or physical mechanics. How do fix it? Train it. Trust It. 


We all have our days. Days when we feel not so great or feeling perhaps even sorry for our selves. That trap we fall into seeing this life as a burden. Flip the script and see it as a gift. 

Memory (Part 2)

Last episode we talked about memory and focused on the things we want/need to remember. On this episode, let’s explore the things that we might be better served to forget!

Memory (Part 1)

I’ve raced for a long time, so I tend to take for granted some of the simple stuff. This quote can be adapted to our racing “If there’s a request that you keep forgetting, that’s a sign that it isn’t very important. The really important stuff doesn’t go away.” – Jason Fried. 

Interdependence and Control

As we prepare for the upcoming season, it’s natural to focus in on goal setting. But what we think about our goals for the upcoming season, we are usually thinking of the ultimate outcome. It’s important to note that our outcomes in this sport are interdependent.