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Perfect Weapon – Door Car

Where are all my door car drivers at? We are continuing our discussion on the Perfect Weapon and if you have decided that the perfect weapon for you will never be a dragster? Then your speaking my language! Let’s discuss what it takes to have a great door car. 

Perfect Weapon (Door Car or Dragster)

What is the “perfect weapon” for sportsman drag racing? The ultimate car if you will. This will be a fun series here and we’ll dive into some thoughts on what the ultimate machine is for the various forms of racing in our sport. This kick off episode talks about the perfect weapon is what you make it. 


Racing today is filled with social media, live feeds, podcasts, etc. It’s very easy, for all of us, to put successful racers up on a pedestal. We often then judge ourselves in comparison to other racers, especially those on the pedestals. Stop saying you can’t do what those successful racers do, because you can. 

Racing and Responsibility

This episode is dedicated to the future generation of racers in our sport: Junior Dragster racers. Showcasing the impact of this new responsibility that our junior drivers acquire when they start their journey.


Can you be “world class” at more than one thing? In this episode, we explore the role of “balance” when it comes to choosing to be our best on the race track. 


Your attention is one of your most valuable assets. How do you protect and maximize it behind the wheel? 

Cause and Effect

“’In terms of how people react to art or entertainment, you learn that it sometimes goes well and it sometimes doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that the cause and effect are connected.’ That’s a quote from renowned actor/director Ben Stiller. Obviously, he’s talking about art and entertainment here, but I think there are some obvious (and perhaps, not so obvious) parallels to our own form of performance on the race track.”

A Crisis in Confidence

What separates Peter Biondo from Peter Piper? Mental toughness. In this episode, I discuss how some of the best racers in our sport deal with overcoming mistakes, and how it may be one of their greatest advantages. 


Flexibility, or “versatility” is one of the common traits among the greats in our sport. Does driving a variety of cars and competing in different classes make us better drivers? In this episode, I answer this question with some recent experience in my own vehicles.