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I’ve been involved in and in love with sportsman drag racing for basically my entire life. My father raced, and if he spent a Saturday night at the race track without me from the time I was about 5 years old until I was old enough to take the wheel myself, I didn’t know about it – because I would’ve been very upset!

I first strapped into a junior dragster at 11 years old; when the class was in its infancy. I could tell you that I won my first race in the junior (the first junior dragster event held at our home track – there were 8 of us entered, and it was the first race for all of us). 

I could tell you that three years later, I won the first event I ever entered in a full size car; a ’73 Nova that I raced at a small outlaw track (because they didn’t care that I was 14. Looking back at pictures, I looked every bit of 12).

And I could tell you that my racing career has progressed and grown and now includes a pair of NHRA National Championships (one in Super Comp, another in Super Gas), over a dozen national event wins, a bunch of division championships, and hundreds of big dollar bracket wins including the 2017 Spring Fling Million. 

I’ve won nearly $2 Million behind the wheel of a race car, and captured well over 300 event titles.

I could tell you all of that.

Wait, I just did.

But the truth is that it’s not important; it doesn’t have a lot to do with what we do here on ThisIsBracketRacing.com. The coolest part about my journey hasn’t been the winner’s circles pictures, or the trophies, or even the money. It’s been the people.

Before the junior dragster program was in place, I was at our home track, Texas Raceway every Saturday night with my father. I didn’t realize it, but that area and specifically that facility was a hotbed for bracket racing during that era. Any given Saturday night would host 100+ Super Pro competitors. Among them on any given Saturday night were racers that became household names in our sport: Scotty & Edmond Richardson, Tommy Phillips, Jeff & Jeromy Hefler, Frank Kohutek, Jeff & Robby Lopez, James Paul, and the list goes on.

Looking back, I can see how fortunate I was to get the opportunity to watch those drivers do what they do so insanely well, for years. As I started to grow up, I befriended those guys, and many more. I watched them. I studied them. I asked them hundreds of dumb questions.

The result was that once I was ready to take the wheel myself, I had a huge leg up on the competition. They had shared their secrets with me, a young kid who had a passion for this sport.

I took their lessons, and I went out and promptly made my own mistakes; and tried to learn from those as well. Then I went and made new mistakes; and I tried to learn and get better.

I’m still making mistakes; I’m still getting better. That process never stops.

But along the way, I’ve had more success within our sport than I ever dreamed of (and I thought I had pretty lofty dreams). My success might be what you led you here; it may be the reason that you’re reading this ‘About Us’ page. But it’s not why you should read through our free content. It’s not why you should purchase any of the hundreds of training resources we have available. It’s not the reason you should join our membership community. Don’t do that because I’ve won on the track. Do that because we can help you win on the track!

For me, the coolest part about what we’ve done here at ThisIsBracketRacing.com for the past 10 years is that it’s given me the opportunity to come full circle. Now I get to share those lessons that were taught to me by the racers that I mentioned, and many more; along with all the one’s I’ve learned along the way in my 20+ years on the road. 

I get to share that knowledge with racers like you, who are every bit as passionate about this sport as I was, and still am.

In the conversations and community, guess what? I continue to learn as well. It never stops. I’m a big believer that you should learn from every single run down the race track. I still do that (10,000+ runs later), and you should too.

Success in racing, like in most things, is derived from two simple, yet complex steps: Understanding and execution. Separately, each is essentially useless. Combined, those two tools allow us to do incredible things.

Here at TIBR, while we’re limited in what we can actually do for you in terms of execution, we can provide a template for you to measure your own performance (and a community to help you stay on track). 

More than anything, we provide the tools to help our members and customers understand our sport: from its fundamentals to its intricacies, in seemingly every aspect of our complex sport.

The best part? It never stops. We’re all constantly learning. There are new ideas, new technology, new opponents, and new strategies constantly evolving. So we keep providing new trainings, new topics, new ideas. Grow with us!

Thank you for visiting ThisIsBracketRacing.com. Have a look around. Check out some of the free resources that we offer. Join the Eighth Mile Email Newsletter (the blue button on this page) for some more great, fun, and educational content. See what we’re all about. If you like it, and you think that we can help you in your ongoing journey to becoming a better racer; we’d love to. That’s what we do!

Thanks again,
Luke Bogacki

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