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Starting Line Procedure

An age old problem: your car “rocks” forward/backward when you set the transbrake. Should you wire-in a Line Lock to fix this issue? In this episode, I share my thoughts on how to approach this issue.

Marathon Events

Ever prepare for a Marathon? How about a Marathon race? Yea, the 4+ day mega races, with high stakes. Whether it’s a Million dollar bracket race, the US Nationals, or even your annual trek to the bracket finals… These races present unique challenges (and opportunities) from your typical Saturday-night bracket race. In this episode, I discuss how you can best prepare and perform at these marathon events.

Boldly optimistic

Is the choice to be optimistic as black and white as I tend to make it out to be? In this episode, I share some perspective that will help you understand the value in being “boldly optimistic” at and away from the race track.

Judging track conditions

The Daily Driver is back! Thanks to the overwhelming support from our listeners, we have decided to continue posting new Daily Driver episodes on a Weekly basis; every Monday.
To kick things off, here’s a new episode on “Judging track conditions”!

The future of the Daily Driver

You asked… We delivered! Starting today, we’ll post new Daily Driver episodes on a weekly basis. You can expect a new episode to drop every Monday morning.