Daily Driver Podcast

Hoops Reflections (Part 2)

In a previous episode, I shared some takeaways from coaching youth basketball that I think apply directly to driving a race car. If that may have seemed like a stretch, this week’s show may provide a more direct parallel. In it, I discuss some of the lessons that coaching has to offer than can make us better parents, leaders, and teachers.

Hoops Reflections (Part 1)

What does coaching 4th and 5th grade basketball have to do with drag racing you ask? Well, maybe more than you think. In this episode, I share what I’ve learned about staying in the moment when we’re surrounded by overwhelm. When there are 7 different things I could focus on, how do I pick the one that’s going to facilitate my best performance? 

Build a new sand castle

Our game is filled with ups and downs. It’s easy to go from “hero to zero” and feel like we’re only as good as our last run down the race track. In this episode, I share a mindset you can use to combat this constant battle of ups and downs.

Potential bye

In this episode we discuss the (obvious) benefits of a potential bye run and the common pitfalls racers often overlook when sitting on the bye. While these pitfalls can have a negative impact on performance, a simple mindset shift in the staging lanes can help you avoid them altogether. 

Where to begin?

Where do you start when you’re new to this? How do you “catch up” when you feel like you’re years behind the rest of your competitors? In this episode, I share what I believe to be the best approach for accelerating your learning curve when you’re new to bracket racing.

“We need you back for a re-run…”

Getting called back for a re-run doesn’t happen very often, but when it does… It’s often associated with some feelings of discontent. In this episode, I share some of my “re-run” experience and how I approach these rounds.

Leveling Up

When should you “level up” to the next class? Or should you at all? In this episode, I discuss this question and share key factors you should be considering.

Cultivated Ignorance (Part 2)

Last week we discussed the idea of “cultivated ignorance”- purposely ignoring distractions or annoyances that we find ourselves in at the race track. This week, I share a story of a staging lanes argument I had many years ago that drives this point home.

Cultivated Ignorance (Part 1)

What if we could ignore everything upsetting or distracting in the race car? To have that trash-talking opponent’s words go in one ear and out the other? These annoyances only affect us to the extent that we let them… In this episode, I share how to adopt a sense of “cultivated ignorance” and filter out these distractions.

Starting Line Procedure

An age old problem: your car “rocks” forward/backward when you set the transbrake. Should you wire-in a Line Lock to fix this issue? In this episode, I share my thoughts on how to approach this issue.