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Why did we not see the outcome that we expected? Is there a tangible lesson, or is the takeaway more of a random result? Oftentimes distinguishing between the two is more important than the value of the lesson itself…

The Real Value of Nitrous

In the “Overestimating Opponents” episode, Luke explained why he dislikes the “spray around” strategy in typicaly competition. What then, is the value of equipping our bracket vehicles with nitrous oxide?

Gas vs. Alcohol

The age old debate! What’s the better fuel for sportsman drag racing competition: Gas or alcohol?

Overestimating Opponents

We’ve all had a situation where we underestimated an opponent, and it came back to bite us. What about the opposite? What happens when we give our opponent too much credit?

The Role of Aggression

Aggression has a negative connotation… But, as Luke argues here, it may be the most critical component of today’s successful sportsman drag racer.

Blank Page

How a joke from Troy Williams, Jr. about hypnotism has impacted my racing outlook for more than a decade.


What makes the best racers the best racers? Is it supreme starting line focus? Uncanny finish line ability? A willingness to put opponents outside their comfort zones? In this episode, Luke admits that the best racers typically share all of those skills and more… however, he argues, their most distinguishing trait is most often their mental game.

Own the Moment

It’s easier than we’d like to admit to fall into the trap of allowing external circumstances (our opponent, an unavoidable delay, the perception of onlookers, etc.) to dictate our pace on the starting line. In this brief discussion, we focus on avoiding those pitfalls to truly Own the Moment.

The Value of Versatility

What’s the advantage to competing in a variety of classes, cars or categories? Seat time is certainly valuable in and of itself, but we’d argue that the inherent value of “mixing it up” goes deeper than simply making more runs.