Daily Driver Podcast

To double or not to double

Should you double enter a race? Check out this lesson for how I approach this question and some things you need to know if you’re considering double entering.

Ambition, Consistency, & Patience

Ever heard the saying, “there’s no need to reinvent the wheel”? A word of caution to the “problem solvers” out there.

Starting Line Mentality

There are dozens of potential variables at play when we’re talking about reaction time… The most critical: believing that you can.

Bringing out the best in your competition

Have you ever lost to “that guy”? That guy you know you’re better than and probably should have beat? Of course you have; we all have. That’s the reality of our game. Anyone is capable of making a great lap at anytime. The point is: you can only control what happens in your lane. In today’s arena, you can’t afford to take any round off.

Busyness & Laziness

Are you spending time on the “right” things? Or are you just doing the same old tasks over and over again to make yourself feel good? It’s easy to fill our plate with “busy work” when things get tough. It’s a trick our brains use to help make us feel better when we’re stressed, or we have a lot on our plate. But is this serving us? This episode is a “check” to ask yourself, “Am I spending my time on the right things?”.

The Big Mo

With momentum comes confidence. That’s why it’s easier to “keep rolling” than it is to “get rolling”. But what if you could create your own, sustainable, confidence and transcend beyond the mercy of “random” momentum?

The best strategy

The right strategy for a given round of competition is situational; it depends on a variety of factors. In this moment, you can either “trust your gut” and go with the first strategy that comes to mind, or you can rethink yourself and make the race too complicated. Which option will you execute with precision more often than not? 

Race forward

The “hardest” round to win is the one after we just lost. Positive momentum can turn into assaulting doubt in a heartbeat. However, our last performance impacts our next performance only to the extent that we allow it. “Race forward” and focus on the most important round: this one.