Daily Driver Podcast

Head Down, Eyes Up

The human blink lasts approximately .6 seconds. Armed with that knowledge, as a racer, what is the one thing we cannot afford to do once both cars are staged? Yea! In today’s episode, Luke shares a simple physiological tool to combat the possibility of blinking, and explains why – for him – the benefits extend beyond the obvious.

Confidence is a Choice

We tend to think of confidence as this uncontrollable element that rests upon the whims of performance and momentum… Only it’s not. Confidence is a decision that we’re free to make for ourselves.

Who Controls the Race

We’ve left the starting line, and we proceed down the race track. Who is in control? Is it the faster car? Is it the driver with the better reaction time? Luke shares his thoughts (and the pushback on them he received from one of the greatest racers of all-time) in today’s Daily Driver.

One Thing at a Time

Admittedly, the idea of improving as a racer can be daunting! There are so many facets of the game; all of which we could stand to improve! So where should you focus your effort TODAY?

The Value of Heroes

Who is your racing hero? Does your portrayal of this individual have a positive impact on your pursuit of improvement on the track?

It is what it is

What is the first step to advancing on the problem that you’re working with? Often times, it’s to forget what you already (think you) know.

Making the Finish Line Simple

The finish line is the hardest element of sportsman drag racing to master. The worst part: the more we understand, the harder it can be to execute! In this episode, Luke shares his trick for simplifying the preparation process in a way that can allow you to perform with precision in the brief moments we have on the track!

The Role of Faith

In this episode, Luke discusses the power of faith. There is a way to think about yourself that leads you towards improvement and success.

Simplify the Starting Line

In this episode, Luke shares a story that illustrates the importance of keeping things simple on the starting line.