The Paint Project (Part 3)


In the previous two blog entries, I’ve done my best to detail some of the work that my friends at T2G Customs poured into my beloved Vega.  As I’ve said before, words can’t begin to describe all that they’ve done.  To say that I’m proud of the completed project is a phenomenal understatement. The expectations I had when I dropped the Vega off were far, far below the finished product.  They knocked it out of the park.  What had always been a strictly functional race car (let’s be honest: it always did the job, but the Vega was typically the ugliest car at the track), has now become a show piece that I’m honestly uncomfortable taking to the track.  It’s very nearly too nice to race.

I can’t accurately articulate my satisfaction; there simply aren’t enough superlatives.  Instead, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

If you are looking at this without appreciation for what the guys at T2G started with, be sure to check out previous Vega Resurrection posts.  

For even more photos detailing the build, check out the T2G Facebook Page


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