Under Reacting and Presence

Very selfishly, part of this podcast is for my own benefit: as I work through some of these ideas in the process of my own day-to-day life. On our way here, not even halfway through our trip, our new (to us) motorhome broke down. It was certainly not the way that things were planned! The […]

Happiness is Available

In racing, I think we face this juxtaposition a lot, often in settings that can elicit high emotion. We’re passionate about what we’re doing. We put a lot of time & work into it. We’ve typically got aspirations surrounding competition. We’ve often got an expectations – both about our performance and how things will go […]

The Best vs My Best

How do you frame personal performance? Is your self talk directed toward being THE best, or toward being YOUR best? There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer; but it’s interesting to dive into the connotation and the mental framework of each approach – not necessarily to think about what others are doing, but to […]

2023 Summer Door Car Shootout Info

Pre-Entry opens on Monday, May 15 at Noon, CST! Event Flyer (click to enlarge): Entry opens Monday, May 15th at Noon CST here on this page (thisisbracketracing.com/SDCS) Entry closes Wednesday, May 24th at Midnight CST


Are you a perfectionist? Have you convinced yourself that such perfectionism serves you? I’ve often held myself to incredible standards… And I’ve been very hard on myself when I’ve failed to uphold those standards. Often times, that constant drive – that incessant pursuit has helped make me better. Perhaps you feel the same way. And […]