Throttle Stop Carburetor: Is smaller better?

In our world, bigger is often better. But when it comes to carburetors, especially on a throttle stop application, this might not always be the case. Check out this video to hear 5x World Champion, Justin Lamb’s experience. This clip was taken from our free throttle stop training: Super Class 101. Watch for free at […]

The Argument for Going (real) Slow

In the midst of Champ’s $500K race in a slow door car, let’s talk about that argument. The argument for going slow, real slow. How could being one of the slowest competitors be an advantage?  

How to “Fix” Sportsman Racing

Luke and Jed give us all a huge announcement, they of course cover the racing that occurred in the last week. The feature of the show, are the guys “half baked” ways to “fix” our sport! A very entertaining episode!

Overcoming the Bad Run

We all want to have the perfect race. Be 00 every time, take 00 every time. But what happens when we have a bad run but win. Maybe we miss it on the tree or you don’t execute the finish line as planned. How do you overcome that run and get back up there for […]

Crowning the Champions!

All NHRA Championships are officially decided, Pomona was exciting in a few classes without a doubt. Kevin Brannon is killing it in the late season bracket racing, and Luke takes the win on the championship betting challenge. All of this and more! 

The Perfect Weapon: .90 Classes

Last month, I shared some opinions on the “Perfect Weapon” for 1/8th mile bracket racing, and promised that I’d follow it with similar thoughts as they apply to the NHRA Lucas Oil Series classes. In retrospect, that may have been a bit ambitious. Though I’ve dipped my toe in the waters of every sportsman class […]

How Tight to Setup, Part 2

Continuing on last week’s episode on how tight to set up on the starting line, this week let’s talk about what happens when you have those outliers. What do you do? Do you adjust your delay box? Do you throw those reaction times out? 

Pomona Drama Imminent!

The NHRA battles are officially passed the point of heating up, they are HOT! Some championships have been crowned, with some still to be determined at Pomona. WDRA makes a “stand” at Darlington, but is there more to it? Tune in for all this and more! 

How Tight to Setup

One of the most common questions I get is how tight do I set up on the starting line? There is a simple answer in my mind and it’s probably not what you are expecting.