As a racer you have a reputation among your competitors. They have identified the way that you race; and they use that reputation to gameplan (and to execute) against you. You could live up to the reputation or you could choose to defy it.

How Do They Live The Dream Life? Part 5: Enough

This episode will be Part 5, and I think the final installment, of the “How Do They Live The Dream Life?” series here on the Daily Driver. I started out this series by focusing on mindset, specifically a growth mindset. It seems only fitting to close the series out with another equally critical but not […]

How Do They Live The Dream Life? Part 4: Business

This is part 4 in the multi-part series on “How Do They Live The Dream Life?” and I’m going to hone in on the business side of things in this episode. Full disclaimer, this episode is going to go against our golden rule here on the Daily Driver to be 10 minutes or less but […]

How Do They Live The Dream Life? Part 3: Family

In Part 3 of the series “How Do They Live The Dream Life?”, I’m focusing in on family because frankly for me, it’s more important than the business side. There is a change in the season ahead for my family and what works for us. 

Skill Set Vs. Mind Set

In racing, I think we can all agree that there are two distinct sets of attributes that the most successful competitors have in spades, and deploy with more efficiency than others: skill set and mind set. To be fair, these attribute sets almost certainly apply to and are critical for success in seemingly  any other […]

How do they live the dream life? Part Two: No Misconceptions

This is part 2 in a multi part series about the semi-viral Facebook post in regard to racing every week (who watches your business, how do you do it logistically, financially and even as parents). In this week’s episode, let’s look into the financial piece. 

How Do They Live The Dream Life?

This episode is directed to answering a question that came across Facebook that went semi-viral and is going to be part of a mini series going forward here on the Daily Driver. In a nutshell the post was asking about how people are racing frequently and how they can afford to do it. Let’s look […]

Choosing Optimism

If you’ve read my ramblings here for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed a theme. Although Phil, Kevin, and the ND staff essentially give me carte blanche – the freedom to write about anything I see fit – I tend to revert back to my core beliefs often. When it comes to competition, when […]


This episode was one that I couldn’t wait to record and it’s all about gratitude. Take a ride with me as we start back at my first Spring Fling Million win and end with the second win focusing on gratitude. 

The Biggest Key to Success

In this episode, we’re going to do something a little different. I’m going to read my latest column on Confidence from The Science of Winning. If you like this format, let us know!