The Paint Project (Part 2)


As I noted in a previous entry, there’s no way that a handful of blog posts can do any justice to the amount of work or the attention to detail that my friends at T2G Customs put into this Vega project.  In fact, project isn’t even an appropriate word; undertaking feels like a better fit!  

With that said, here’s a highlight of just a few of the cool things that happened in the paint shop…

Functioning Doors: I mentioned previously that we found factory steel doors for the Vega.  As you might imagine, they didn’t line up perfectly. They didn’t open and close easily. The guys at T2G not only went through the painstaking process of lining everything up, they installed new factory seals and worked the hardware until they open close like (honestly probably better than) new.  They also updated all of the window mechanisms and hardware so the windows roll up and down with ease!

The hatch: I did my best to detail the work that went into the hatch and wing in a previous entry.  While I’m sure I didn’t do their effort any justice, I do want to re-emphasize how cool the hatch turned out.  With two quick clicks of the fasteners, it lifts and elevates thanks to the hydraulic shocks (which aren’t factory… they’re better) to allow easy access to the fuel cells, nitrous bottle, and batteries.  With my little finger, it compresses and latches, complete with new seals for a factory-style fit.


Head Lights & Tail Lights: One request of mine was installing factory style headlights in the fiberglass front end.  No small task! The guys at T2G made them look like they belong! The tail lights (along with all of the trim and emblems) got blacked out to fit the theme.

Factory Glass: In its previous form, the Vega was all lexan.  Now it’s all glass, thanks to the guys at T2G.

Dash: Jeff Hayes made the fabrication updates to install a new fiberglass dash (the previous one had holes my fist could fit through).  Shawn and the staff at T2G painted this to match the car, complete with a matte finish on the top to insure that I wouldn’t have to deal with excessive glare in the car (they understand that I have enough issues behind the wheel without additional obstacles)!

Thousands of hours of meticulous care taking and pain staking labor later, the Vega was ready for its final color(s).  Finished product images next week.


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