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Gain confidence, crush the tree, and consistently lay down great laps every round.

Luke Bogacki

→ 2x NHRA World Champion
→ 2017 Spring Fling Million Winner
→ 5x NHRA Division Champion
→ 2015 JEGS All-Star Super Gas Winner
→ 14 NHRA National Event Wins
→ 7 IHRA National Event Wins
→ 50+ “Big Money” ($5k+) Race Winner

Bracket racing & index racing aren’t what they used to be 

Bracket racing has changed, even in the last 10 years since I’ve been racing for a living. In that time I’ve seen all the tricks. And, yes, I’ve lost in a thousand different ways. These lessons have helped me become a more consistent racer, giving me confidence and developing my strategy over time. 

Have I won big money races and high-pressure NHRA championships? Sure, but that’s not important. What’s important is developing the system for any type of racing you do. We have ELITE members that race in high dollar events. We have members that race in their local points series. The processes we help you develop for your personal situation are the key. 

Knowing how to win at bracket racing (consistently) isn’t something you can get with a top 10 list of tips and “bracket racing secrets.” You must be willing to work at taking your racing program to the next level. Any successful person will tell you becoming an “overnight success” is actually the result of years and years of work.

Kevin and I take the teacher role to heart. We help you live up to your own expectations. Our written and video lessons tackle one small area at a time in high detail. Some of our written lessons are 5,000 words and the video lessons average 20 minutes. Our regular live chats can last an hour.

Our members see gains with finish line driving, of course. The weekly practice tree challenge within ELITE take our well-known Off-Season Practice Tree Challenge, turns it up to 11, and delivers every week of the year.

This is Bracket Racing ELITE gives you access to our private Facebook group so you can always ask questions to the entire group as well. With over a thousand years of combined racing experience, ELITE members can bounce ideas and high-performance engine, suspension, and tech tips off each other.

Ultimately, we give you a proper mental groundwork. This means you start to regularly perform under pressure to get past first round jitters, late round blunders, and key championship rounds.

You can become ELITE.

Vega Resurrection Blog

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