Favorite Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast Episodes

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of the medium of podcasting: on both ends.  Jared Pennington and I release a weekly podcast of our own, The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast, and I consume a multitude of podcasts myself as well.  Awhile back, I detailed some of my favorite podcasts here on the blog.  

I’m also regularly asked – both by longtime listeners of the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast, and by new listeners who just found the show – what episodes of our podcast are my favorite?  In 150+ shows, we’ve had some that I’m pretty proud of, for various reasons. We’ve also, admittedly, had some swing and miss moments! Here are some of my personal favorite episodes, broken down into 4 categories: Impactful interviews with amazing guests, thought provoking episodes in which we did our best to tackle some of the tough issues facing our sport, funny & entertaining episodes, and hot button topics (that admittedly might be contemporary to the time of publication).


Episode 10: Bill Bader, Jr.

Episode 14: Erica Enders

Episode 34: Dan Fletcher

Episode 59: David Rampy

Episode 67: Bret Kepner

Episode 116: Rodney Finchum

Episode 124: Kyle Seipel

Episode 126: Edmond Richardson

Episode 146: Chris Garretson

Thought Provoking:

Episode 30: Cheating in Sportsman Drag Racing (featuring an interview w/ Cody Harger)

Episode 60: Towing Talk

Episode 138: Big Money Bracket Racing in 2019

Episode 142: House Cars


Episode 8: Most Embarrassing Moments

Episode 9: Most Embarrassing Moments (part 2)

Episode 11: Story Time (Jed’s incredible story of passing tech at his first national event)

Episode 68: Our version of March Madness – The Bad Beat Bracket

Hot Button/Controversial:

Episode 15: Excessive Braking -The Jerry Emmons DQ

Episode 74: The Ezell Staging Saga

Episode 100: One Bizarre Million

Episode 144: KC Pesnell Breaks the InternetEpisode 151: Top 25 of All-Time


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