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Let me start off by apologizing for the infrequency of updates to this blog.  We just finished up a busy race season, and to be perfectly honest, progress on the Vega Resurrection has been, in a word, slow.  But we’re progressing nonetheless.  I swear, I can’t go anywhere racing where I don’t get asked at least once, “So… How’s the Vega coming?”  Here is the latest:

The Vega is currently at my buddy Jeff Hayes’ shop: Purple Hayes Performance in Herrin, IL.  I saddled Jeff with the responsibility several projects.  Some were big, some were small; but all were things I’d wanted to do to the Vega for the better part of a decade, but had neglected.  Here are a few of the projects that he has tackled and/or is currently working on:


The rear valence had accrued a bunch of holes over the years for master switch, wing mounts, volt meter, charging lugs, etc.  Jeff patched them all up.  We also found a factory steel bumper to replace the fiberglass piece (which, admittedly, was hanging on by a thread).  You can still see the remnants from the ISC Racer’s Tape that held the right tail light in… For the last 10 years (yes, it was the same piece of tape for a decade…  ISC really works!).

The truck area has undergone a major overhaul, and will now include two batteries, the dual fuel cell, and our NX nitrous bottle mount.  The fuel cell is pretty trick: Jeff found me the biggest aluminum cell that would fit: that will house the alcohol.  Then he welded on an additional tank for gasoline on the side: I’ll use that to prime the motor on cold days, and also to spray with the nitrous system.

This is arguably my favorite update thus far… We found a factory steel hatch, and although Jeff had to do some engineering, he developed a support system so that it’ll pop up, similar to a factory setup.  No fuel doors in the hatch, and easy access to the fuel tanks and nitrous system (plus, now I can drive to the lanes like the cool kids in Super Stock – with the hatch up for some added ventilation).

Jeff has been tasked with finding a spot for everything: a second transmission cooler, a Jones pump for the trans fluid, and a separate electric fuel pump for the gasoline system are tucked away neatly over the rear end.

In its original form, the rack laid right against the balancer: to the point that I couldn’t even run a standard drive mandrel setup for the fuel pump and vacuum pump.  Jeff relocated the rack, and in the midst of that we’ve ordered all new steering hardware, as I’m pretty confident that everything in the steering system was on the car when it left Hardy Race Cars in 1974.

This is probably the most daunting task that Jeff has remaining: rebuilding the factory firewall.  I wanted to maintain the factory floorboards, but the firewall had literally 40+ years with of mounting and relocating holes.  It would’ve been all but impossible to patch up.  So we opted to start over.  Jeff cut out everything that wasn’t structural, now he’ll work to fit some fresh steel in its place.

Jeff hopes to finish up his work on the Vega within the next 4-6 weeks.  When he wraps up, it’ll get dipped prior to powdercoat.  After coating, it’ll head to the paint shop, before it returns to Carterville for final assembly.  Total time frame?  Who knows at this point.  I’m confident that it’ll hit the track in 2018, although I’m not optimistic enough to say that I’ll start the season with it.  When it’s done, it’ll be done right; and it’s a car that I intend to race for the better part of the next 20 years.  If/when my son (who is 4 years old) decides that he wants to go racing, I want him to drive this car.  So I’m not going to rush this part of the process: I know what I want, and I’m fine with delaying my personal gratification to get there!

As you might imagine, when the Vega does his the race track again, it will be all but brand new.  As a result, we’ve got a lot of quality used parts that we won’t be utilizing in the rebuild.  Here is a brief list of what we’ve got available now, along with prices.  If you’re interested, give me a call at 256-679-8328 or shoot me an e-mail at luke@thisisbracketracing.com.

We’re changing everything over to a Ford 9” setup, so I’m offering everything that I’ve got for the Olds/Pontiac rear end setup as a package.  It includes:

Rear Housing (contact me for specific measurements)

TWO complete third members: complete spool w/ 4.88 gears

Aerospace Rear Brake Kit

Everything is here except axles (and actually, I have one axle as well)

Price for everything: $1500

2-piece Weld Aluma Star Wheels:
15″x15″, 4.5″ bolt pattern, 4″ backspace
$500 + shipping

Mickey Thompson Front Wheels, multi bolt-pattern, black powdercoated.  With 24” M/T Front Runners: $500 + shipping

The simplest data recording setup available: includes channels for engine RPM, driveshaft RPM, one user-defined pressure channel, and one 02.  Comes with 02 sensor and fuel pressure sensor (you’ll have to add driveshaft sensor & collar): $600 + shipping

Afco coil-over shocks, rebuilt by Tinnin Race Suspension in 2/16, with 110lb springs.  Shocks measure 17” center to center at full extension: $500

Three BTE Hitachi mini-starters.  All used, but in good condition.  $200 gets all three (plus shipping).

Hurst Quarter Stick w/ 4’ cable: $50 + shipping

MSD Pro Power Coil: $50 + shipping

2 5/8” Auto Meter Sport Comp Gauges: Water Temp (Mechanical), Oil Pressure (Mechanical), and Trans Temp (Electric): $100 for all 3.

1 gallon cell or big tank (not sure what it holds, measures 16.5” x 16.5” x 9”), either one: $50 + shipping



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