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As you probably know (or certainly assume) I’m a connoisseur of the podcast, and have been since long before my PODnah Jared Pennington and I launched the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast two and a half years ago.  Of the 130+ episodes we’ve recorded together, I’ve got several that stand out in my mind, but that’s another post for another time.  One of the most common questions I get is “Luke, what are you listening to?” This list is my answer – several regular podcasts on a variety of different subjects:



To my knowledge, the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast was first on the scene here, but these days there are a bunch of quality racing related podcasts.  Some of my favorites:


The Fast Brackets: This relatively new show hosted by my buddy Rex Simmermaker focuses on the Top Dragster and Top Sportsman categories across all sanctioning bodies.  

Racers in Rental Cars: A story-based podcast hosted by Top Sportsman standout Don O’Neal and budding Top Fuel superstar Cameron Ferre featuring notable guests who share vivid racing stories.

Dialed In w/ Jake & Zach: Another awesome sportsman/bracket podcast rooted in the Midwest and hosted by bracket racers Jake Hodge and Zach Schlumpf.

NHRA Insider Podcast: NHRA announcer Brian Lohnes does a great job with this show.  It’s rooted more in the professional side of competition, but it’s a great listen.

Nomex Effect: Another show focused on the professional side of our sport is the Nomex Effect.  Hosted by Nitro Funny Car standouts J.R. Todd and Shawn Langdon, the show provides a colorful look behind the scenes of professional competition.


Motivation & Perspective:

I’m a self-improvement junky, so these podcasts get the majority of my downloads:


Finding Mastery: This is my single favorite podcast; I rarely miss an episode.  Host Michael Gervais is a noted (and gifted) sports psychologist.  On the podcast, he regularly interviews incredibly successful individuals from all walks of life and has an amazing way of getting them to open up about the thought process, motivation, imagery, and self-awareness that makes them so special.

The Tim Ferriss Show: You probably know by now that I’m a huge Tim Ferriss fan (his books including The 4-Hour Work Week and Tribe of Mentors have had a huge impact on me).  His podcast is just as good; regularly featuring guests from various backgrounds.  Ferriss gets me outside my comfort zone and typical thinking habits on a regular basis.

The Marie Forleo Podcast: I love me some Marie Forleo!  Her podcast delivers every time, featuring a variety of guests and awesome perspective on business, life, emotion, and everything in between.  

The Ed Mylett Show: Complete transparency here: I’ve listened to one short episode of this podcast… But it was awesome!  The specific episode, “The truth about work/life balance” was recommended by a friend of mine: it’s brief and spot on in so many ways.  If other episodes are half as impactful, this is a must-listen. 



Online Marketing Made Easy: This is my niche (and probably doesn’t apply to many of you reading), but Amy Porterfield is brilliant.  I apply a lot of her knowledge to my business.



Admittedly, I don’t listen to a lot of entertainment-only podcasts: I’m typically either locked in on business/personal improvement or unplugging with some sports related banter.


The Rewatchables: I’m a big fan of pretty much everything Ringer, and this podcast is definitely on the list.  In it, Bill Simmons and friends break down epic movies from our past and bring them back to life.  Useful? Not particularly. Fun and entertaining? Absolutely!



I’m a bit of a sports nut: particularly my college hoops.  This list admittedly reflects that passion:


The Bill Simmons Podcast: Again, I’m a fan of pretty much anything Ringer and Bill Simmons.  His headline show is the most downloaded sports podcast of all time. 

The Gary Parrish Show: This is a regional sports talk radio show with lots of Memphis talk.  I listen fairly regularly just because I’m a big Gary Parrish fan… And because I’ve got a lifelong fascination with Penny Hardaway (and now that he’s at the helm, Memphis basketball).

The Dan Dakich Show: Similarily, Dakich’s podcast is regional to Indianapolis.  If you’re a college hoops fan, you’re familiar with Dakich… And you probably either love him or hate him – he’s pretty polarizing.  If you don’t want to hear what he thinks, don’t listen! Coincidentally, I’ve actually been a guest on this show! 

One Shining Podcast: For the college hoops junky, this is another Ringer podcast, hosted by Mark Titus and Tate Frazier.  I think they’re absolutely hilarious… Yet surprisingly informative.  I listen every week during hoops season.

Eye on College Basketball: Back to one of my favorite personalities, Gary Parrish.  GP is joined regularly by fellow CBS Sports writer Matt Norlander as they break down NCAA hoops.


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