What’s the deal with ELITE?

ThisIsBracketRacing offers many different things to help with your racing program, like parts or calculators or marketing courses.

But we have three different opportunities to improve your racing via training.

Our 9 Areas of Drag Racing

Individual Training #

If you visit the Products page or Directory, you’ll see our 9 Areas of Drag Racing. You can click on any of those images to see all the training from that category. You may purchase any training individually and keep it forever.

Master Courses #

We’ve also taken the 10 best trainings from that “Area” and put them into a Master Course. You can purchase access to the Basics Master Course, or Finish Line Master Course, etc and have lifetime access to the 10 trainings inside that Master Course.

In rare cases, we choose to swap out a training for a new one. In this case, you lose access to the original and gain access to the new one. We do this so you always have the 10 best training on the topic we have to offer.

You can purchase any combination of Master Courses and individual training you like. (Note if you’ve bought a Master Course, there’s not any reason to also pay for a training inside the Course.)

ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE #

This is our premier racing community which features:

  • Private member group
  • Access to every training from the 9 Areas of Drag Racing, past and present
  • Access to the private members only page featuring exclusive interviews, audio files, live chat replays, and more
  • Live Chat Q&As via Zoom
  • 10% off any part on our site and across many of our partners

Should you choose to leave the community, you get to keep the 74 written training tutorials for life.

To learn more about ELITE, click here.