I can’t see calculator / training

All video training, webinars, and more can be found as the new training directory, https://learn.thisisbracketracing.com

Calculators and parts orders are through the original https://thisisbracketracing.com

Calculator Access #

We’ve been redoing how we access the calculators. Based on feedback, they have been added to the upper menu of https://thisisbracketracing.com (the original site, the one you’re on right now).

Simply log in there and whichever calculators you have access to (if you’ve purchased one or both) will show up in the menu under “Calcs”. If you haven’t bought them or aren’t logged in, you won’t see it.

If you’re on mobile, be logged in and it’ll be at the top of the menu once you expand it out.

The view from your phone at https://thisisbracketracing.com IF you’re logged in AND have access to calculators. If you know you have access to a calculator but do not see this menu, you’re either on the wrong site or not logged in.

Video/Tutorial Access #

You Must Transfer Access To The New Site First #

If you had access to content but aren’t seeing it in your Learn account, click here for those instructions. The instructions are in that email, see the link for more.

Make sure you’re logged into the right account #

Some of our users have more than one account. For calculators/parts, visit My Account and the Orders page to make sure you’re in the correct account. For video/tutorials, visit https://learn.thisisbracketracing.com and click your icon in the menu to see which account you’re in.

Clear your browser’s cache #

Usually, this can be done in the “Settings” or “Tools” section of your browser. Clear the browsing data, cookies, and cache.

Then, try logging in again.

Try a different device or computer #

Sometimes, a certain phone, tablet, or laptop can get temporarily angry. Try to login and click the tutorial title using something else. Then you’ll know it’s your previous device.