How Do I Gift Someone ELITE?

Because ELITE is only open twice per year for a limited time, here are the things to note:

  • The email and account you sign up with will immediately be granted access. Welcome emails will be sent to it and the charge happens right then.
  • It is possible to “wait” to tell them about the gift, but your renewal date will remain the day of purchase and they might miss the excellent opening videos, sequence, and onboarding required as a new member.
  • We’d recommend telling them about it, then signing up together with their account of choice.
  • If the recipient already has an account on Learn.ThisIsBracketRacing.com, it’s best to sign up with the account they’ll use. If they do not have an account, your purchase will create one, which you can then give them the username and password you create.
  • In other words, you don’t want to miss your chance to sign up. Make sure you think of a way to become a member during the open enrollment period. You can Get Notified if you aren’t on the wait list. We’ll email you when it’s open.

Ready? Head to ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE to get started.