The Science of Winning

10 Weeks in an RV (part 1)

If you’ve read this column with any regularity over the past several years, you know that the subject matter of my ramblings ranges, at times dramatically! One thing that I’ve

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Racing & Responsibility

Six months into the Jr. Dragster experience with my oldest son Gary, I can already say with conviction that if we stopped today it’s been worth the time, effort, and

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Perception & Reality

On my most recent trip North to Brainerd International Raceway, I stumbled into an amazing used bookstore that rests literally footsteps from the main entrance to the track: Emily’s Used

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The Process of Improvement

How do I improve? It’s a question we all face, in multiple forms, in various aspects of our life, in perpetuity. How do I get better? In the context of

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Let It Be

There is an innocence to beginning. Whether it’s blissful ignorance, or genuine curiosity (or a combination of both), we often enter into new situations and pursuits with an open mind

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Weather 101

Any racer knows that weather conditions impact the performance of our machines. Race cars typically run quicker E.T.’s in the early Spring and the late Fall than they do in

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The Struggle is Real

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” – Sigmund Freud To say that 2020 has been a struggle feels like an understatement

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lucas oil raceway arch bridge

When Disaster Strikes

My 2020 “Big Go” experience came to an abrupt end in round one of Super Gas. There, Alan Bush beat me on the starting line (.006 to .018) and the

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