The Science of Winning

The Struggle is Real

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” – Sigmund Freud To say that 2020 has been a struggle feels like an understatement

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lucas oil raceway arch bridge

When Disaster Strikes

My 2020 “Big Go” experience came to an abrupt end in round one of Super Gas. There, Alan Bush beat me on the starting line (.006 to .018) and the

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The Vega Resurrection

My favorite race car is a 1974 Vega originally built by Don Hardy Race Cars (Hardy built many of the Pro Stock cars in that day).  It’s been a race

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Building Your Brand

Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you’re a motorsports aficionado.  I’ll also take the leap and assume that if you’re not a racer yourself, or directly involved in motorsports,

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Offseason Improvements

For nearly all of us, the 2019 season has come to an end.  It’s at this time of year that it is important to balance the need for some time

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Mental Game

Let’s focus on a topic that may be the most overlooked and undervalued aspect of racing, and yet I would argue the most critical: the mental game of competition.  Admittedly,

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What’s So Special About Indy?

What’s so special about Indy? Like most of the racing community, each season I get excited as the NHRA Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals approaches.  But, at least for me, it

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“Luck” is typically (if not always) preceded by belief

In racing, as in various facets of life, we rarely complete the flawless, dominating competition. More often than not, in order to succeed, we’re forced to overcome adversity in some form. The trick, as those Cavaliers did so admirably, is to not succumb to the burden of expectation; to maintain belief in yourself and your skills; to keep doing what you do best regardless of what the scoreboard says; to not give up. But how can average people like you and me do that?

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