The Science of Winning

The Home Stretch

On the strength of a great season in my Moser Engineering backed, Charlie Stewart Race Cars built C7 Corvette, I’m currently leading the national Super Gas points standings with 600

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The Hardest Thing

As a product of modern culture, we’ve learned to take pride in our willingness and ability to “do hard things.” We take pride in leaning into everyday challenges – from

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Racing IQ

Awhile back, I was watching the NBA playoffs with my son when former coach and current commentator Stan Van Gundy said something that struck me as poignant. To paraphrase, his

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10 Weeks in An RV!

That’s it. It’s over. We’re home!  Over 5,000 miles. 4 race tracks. 1 trip to Disneyland. 3 NHRA National Events. Numerous sight-seeing destinations. 4 NHRA Lucas Oil Series events. 2

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The Journey Continues (Part 3)

When you last heard from me, we were about halfway through our 10-week family journey. Four weeks later, I have an update… We’re still on the road! However, as I

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10 Weeks in an RV (part 2)

As I detailed in the last issue of National Dragster, I’m dedicating my next few Science of Winning entries to documenting our big family adventure. To bring you up to

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