The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

Episode 007: The All-State Finale

In this episode, the guys discuss their new year “parties,” and their thoughts on promoters competing in their own events and/or “house cars.”  That precludes the finale of the All-State debate, in which Luke & Jed narrow the “Final Four” (LA, NJ, AL, and OH) down to one champion.  Did you know that Jed has never drank a sip of alcohol in his life?  Did you assume that Luke can’t make that same claim?  Hear all about it & more on this episode of the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed.

Episode 006: Street Outlaws

In this episode, the guys table their All-State discussion, pushing the semi-final to next episode.  Instead, Luke and Jed discuss the Powerball of Bracket Racing and then turn their focus to the Street Outlaws and Street Outlaws New Orleans TV series.  Guests David “Bird” Jones and Kye Kelley give the guys an inside look at the show and grudge racing in general.  Among other topics in their spirited interview, Kye issues a callout for Troy Williams, Jr. and the duo shares the tale of how Kye won a Honda Grom off of Bird.

Episode 005: Part II of the “All-State” Debate

In this episode, the guys roll out the much anticipated (and debated) regional finals of the “All-State” discussion (TX vs LA, NJ vs PA, KY vs OH, and TN vs AL), as they get one step closer to deciding the toughest state for sportsman drag racing competition.  In addition, Luke & Jed talk about the “Shot Clock” idea bantered about the internet, as well as a breakdown of the high octane offenses within JJ’s youth basketball league.

Episode 004: Round 1 of our “All-State” Debate

In this episode, the guys introduce the 16 “All-State” teams that made the cut and debate their merits. The first round of the “All-State” tournament is discussed and decided, setting the Elite Eight for next week’s show. Luke & Jed also discuss some big announcements regarding sportsman racers, a race track/racer social media feud, and Luke’s inability to defeat his 3-year-old in a family card game. 

Episode 003: Big Buck Bracket Racing in 2017

In this episode, the guys discuss the growing number of BIG money bracket races on the calendar.  Guest Kyle Seipel discusses the history and future of the Spring Fling events, and the three banter about the current state of big dollar racing: whether these events can all survive and if they’re good for our sport in general.

Episode 002: The State of Junior Dragster Racing

In this episode, the guys discuss Junior Dragster competition with an expert panel of guests including NHRA Jr. Dragster editor Candida Benson, recent Kentucky Big Bucks Junior Dragster Bonanza winner, Emily Parker, and Huddleston Performance’s own Thomas Huddleston.  Among the topics discussed: the rising cost of Jr. Dragster racing, Emily’s unbelievable and emotional victory, what the future holds for today’s Jr. Drag Racing stars, and some hot takes on the increase in “Big Buck” Junior Dragster events.

Episode 1: 2016 Year in Review

Luke & Jed recap the season that was, highlighting NHRA and IHRA world champions and the biggest happenings in big dollar bracket competition.  What 2016 recap would be complete without speaking with 2-time $1,000,000 race winner (this season), Jeff Verdi?  The guys discuss Jeff’s big wins with him, and the impact his success could have on sportsman drag racing in general.

Episode 000: About the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast

In this introductory episode, hosts Luke Bogacki and Jared Pennington introduce themselves, discuss their own careers in racing, and the talk about the motivation behind the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast.