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Big Bucks Bracket Weekend in review

Big Bucks bracket weekend:
2 of the most prestigious, longest running events on the big buck schedule, and a third event that paid more than either of them!

Weekend in Review by a Solo Jed

Jed does a solo recap of the weekend with some results from the TB promotions Twin 50’s, VMP’s Triple Threat, NHRA at Sonoma, along with some other IHRA news and miscellaneous discussion.

Are we all going to be No Prep Kings? ECF Drama?

We took a week off…and the train has jumped the tracks! Luke and Jed have a TON to talk about this week, IHRA issues? traction compound shortage, a little bit of race results, and a really long, good rant from Jed on an NHRA decision at the ECF.

Does Big Money Racing Need a Gaming Commission?

Relatively short week in the results department, Beacon, Galot, Numidia along with Bristol’s NHRA national, and a divisional in Denver. After that, the guys get into a really interesting discussion brought to the table by Chris Cadle, tune in to hear the guys thoughts on a type of Gaming Commission for big money bracket racing. Jed also previews the 16th annual WFC.

Andy Schmall and Cory Gulitti are really good at racing!

Scotty’s back, Hunter’s back, Wesley’s….back!? Andy Schmall and Cory Gulitti seem to have this game figured out. Luke crowns a super street champion in June! The guys discuss a new D4 NHRA director, and a ton of other fun stuff! Tune in now!