The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

Episode 077: The Mental Side of Racing with Bruce Deveau

In this episode, the guys deviate significantly from the typical show for an interview with Bruce Deveau, a licensed psychotherapist and Performance Consultant and the author of the popular Racer’s Mind series of audio trainings and workbooks.  In the interview, they had a wide ranging discussion on optimal mental performance, how sports psychology applies behind the wheel, and also touched on the topic of mastery and our pursuit of it.   In addition, the guys previewed the upcoming Dream Team Challenge, discussed the pending culmination of the Cummings vs. Ezell grudge match, and even talked a little smack about their own teams as they prepare for Memphis.

Episode 076: Shawn Langdon Interview

In this episode, the guys were joined by the driver of the Kalitta Racing Global Electronic Technology Funny Car, Shawn Langdon.  Prior to his nitro fame, Shawn was a 2-time national champion in Super Comp, and also has a Jr. Dragster national title to his credit (he’s the only driver to date to hold titles in Jr. Dragster, a sportsman category, and a professional category: Top Fuel).  Shawn talked a bit about his foray in the Funny Car category, brought us up to speed on his sportsman racing operation, and his latest project: The Nomex Effect podcast that he hosts with teammate J.R. Todd.  In addition, Luke & Jed had a lengthy discussion about the tragic events of the past week, and what it means going forward.  And, as always they recapped the major action from the week that was, including the Spring Fling Galot, the NHRA Southern Nationals, and more.

Episode 075: Retro Drag Racing Phrases and JJ’s April Top 10

This week’s episode kicked off with the monthly breakdown from Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast Lead (and only) Correspondent, J.J. Pennington.  In it, the best 12-year-old announcer in the world unveiled the second edition of “J.J.’s Top Ten.”  Luke & Jed then reviewed an entertaining list of “retro” racing phrases submitted by you the listeners and threw in a few entertaining stories to boot.  They recapped the past week of on track action, highlighted by the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, as well as big bucks bracket action from across the country.

Episode 074: Ezell Saga and Spring Fling Million Winner Randell Reid

Randell Reid, the winner of last weekend’s Spring Fling Million joined Luke & Jed on this episode to recap and relive his huge victory over J.R. Lobner in Friday’s main event.  While Randell and J.R. were obviously the big story, their success was at least somewhat overshadowed by a staging controversy earlier in the day involving Johnny Ezell.  The guys put Johnny Bracket Racer on trial so to speak, and weigh in on the intentions and ramifications of his actions.  In addition, they broke down the Bigfoot $40k’s from Darlington, the first IHRA Sportsman Spectacular from Baton Rouge, and the NHRA national event from Houston.

Episode 073: Powerball winner, Brandon Taylor Interview

In this episode, Luke & Jed are joined by last weekend’s $175,000 Powerball of Drag Racing winner, Brandon Taylor.  Brandon gives us a bit of a round-by-round of how the biggest windfall of his drag racing career to date happened, and what was going through his head in that crazy final round sequence.  In addition, the boys recapped the weekend action from not only the Powerball event, but also NHRA Lucas Oil Series action from Texas, Las Vegas and North Carolina.  They previewed what may well be the biggest weekend of the sportsman drag racing season coming up: Spring Fling Million, Bigfoot $40k’s, and more.  And they closed the show with the popular #RacingAnswers segment.

Episode 072: Justin Lamb on fire, Armed Forces Racing

In this episode, the guys got the unique opportunity to catch up with Jeff Lambert, the president of Armed Forces Racing.  Jeff shared his unique path into drag racing and how he has intertwined his passion for our sport with his military background to genuinely impact the lives of veterans.  In addition, Luke & Jed recapped the week that was, which was highlighted by stellar performances by sportsman competitors from coast to coast.  They also previewed this week’s SFG Powerball event in Jackson, SC and even spent a little time rehashing the Masters.

Episode 071: Kyle Seipel and Peter Biondo Interview

In this episode, the guys got the opportunity to sit down for a great conversation with the minds behind the Spring Fling Million and the Spring Fling brand: Kyle Seipel & Peter Biondo.  They previewed the upcoming event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that does offer the largest guaranteed purse in all of drag racing for 2018.  They also provided a behind the scenes glimpse at the ups and downs of race promotion.  In addition, Luke & Jed recapped the Southern Big Buck Nationals in Belle Rose, LA and look ahead to a busy month of April on the sportsman scene.  Of course this podcast wouldn’t be complete without a final look back at the NCAA tournament and the podcast bad beat bracket.  It’s our version of “One Shining Moment”

Episode 070: JJ’s Top 10 Debut

This episode features the first segment from the lead (and only) correspondent of the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast: J.J. Pennington and the debut of J.J.’s Top Ten!  In addition, PJ North knocks it out of the park with some professional sound for the Final Four of the podcast bad beat bracket and the intro for J.J.’s Top Ten.  The guys touch on big bucks action from Huntsville, AL, bottom bulb action from Gulfport, MS, and the NHRA Lucas Oil Series from Houston, TX before closing with a Final Thought on track prep.  Today’s episode is presented in part by our friends at PortaTree, ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE, Siebert Performance, and the AHRA!

Episode 069: Guess Who’s Back

In today’s episode, the guys update the Podcast Bad Beat Bracket to represent the Sweet 16, complete with several new, listener suggested additions!  They recap the weekend’s biggest events (Tenn-Tuck, Gatornationals, and big bucks action from Oklahoma and Virginia), and close the show by catching up with Dallas Page, the winner of the recent Racing RV’s sponsorship contest via ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE.  Thanks to our partners for presenting this week’s show: Siebert Performance, AHRA, PortaTree, and The Spring Fling Galot.

Episode 068: March Madness

This week’s podcast features a recap of the week that was: NHRA in Gainesville, big bucks in Tucson and the SFG opener in Georgia, plus the guys get into some Facebook drama from the week!  Luke & Jed were joined by this week’s Seibert Performance “Who’s Hot” recipient: Lane Dicken, hot off his $100,000 victory in Reynolds, GA.  In addition, they rolled out their own version of March Madness, tying outrageous (and common) racing “bad beat” stories to the top seeds of the NCAA tournament.  It made for an enjoyable (if not somewhat ridiculous) episode.