Episode 062: NHRA Pick’em

National Dragster Senior Editor Kevin McKenna joins Luke and Big Jed this week as they perform their annual NHRA Championship Draft.  A year ago, Luke smoked Big Jed in the competition: and as a result, Jed’s “Big Red” Nova will feature a custom decal throughout 2018 to make sure everyone knows it!  This year, Kevin, who helped the duo with their picks last season, got in on the action and picked a team of his own.  The trio each selected three drivers in each of the NHRA sportsman categories as their own “Dream Team” of sorts.  The show is a bit NHRA heavy this week, as Luke & Jed also discuss the advent of an 1/8th mile NHRA Division Series in the Southeast Division, and the addition of Virginia Motorsports Park to the NHRA National Event Schedule.  Luke closes this week’s show with a “Final Thought” on the future of bracket racing.


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