173: “The Times We’re In” and Story Time with Jed!

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Luke and Jed do their bet to give their take on the current state of the world, and more in line with most of our listeners interests, the racing world. The real fun in this episode comes with an incredible story from our own co-host, Jed. You will NOT want to miss this one! 

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2 Responses

  1. Great story Jed. I laughed so hard I cried. You mentioning the intellectual look of some of those guys “it couldn’t be that hard” made me remember what a friend of mine told me at the first sprint car race I attended 40+ years ago. I was going on about how they were driving and he turned to me and said, do you know what it takes to drive one of those things, a thimble of brains and a bucket of balls.

    Thanks Luke and Jed for what you do.


  2. Next time I have a story to tell, I will just write it down and sent it to Jed. I think he will do a much better job telling it and it will probably be more interesting.

    Thanks guys.


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