FTI Race Transmissions


FTI Race Transmissions feature options for all setups, from the dependable Level 3 (good for up to 1000 HP) to low 6-second Top Sportsman racers.

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The FTI engineered Pro Series Powerglides hold some of the greatest advancements in modern performance drivetrain technology. Utilizing our state of the art CNC manufacturing process we are able to control all aspects of our transmissions by making our internal parts in house.

With our new FTI billet aluminum trans-brake valve body re-engineered springs, our Powerglide transmissions will not creep on the transbrake. Precision assembled to exact tolerances the Pro Series Powerglides are built to withstand the rigors of extreme power of today’s performance engines. Available in configurations capable of lasting behind 3,000+HP.

Level 3 Pro Powerglide

This unit is designed for the budget minded racer who needs a dependable racing unit. Equipped with FTI’s billet aluminum valve body, 1.80 straight cut planetary and 300M hardened input shaft the power rating is an impressive 1,000 HP.

Level 5 Pro Powerglide

Designed by FTI for the serious racer that needs a reliable aftermarket transmission with great value and performance. Hand assembled within a SFI certified aftermarket case using all new internal parts including a FTI billet aluminum valve body and 1.80 or 1.69 straight cut gear planetary. This unit is capable of standing behind 1,500 HP and comes with the option of Pro or bracket brake format.

Level 5.5 Pro Powerglide

Purpose designed and built for the racer who needs an indestructible transmission behind big power. Professionally assembled using your choice of 1.80 or 1.69 straight cut planetary, aermet 310 hardened ring-less input. Designed to live behind power rated up to 2,200 HP, this transmission works great with blower and nitrous applications that are commonly seen in today’s radial tire, Top Dragster, fast bracket, and Top Sportsman racing.


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