BTE Straight Cut 9310 Powerglide Gear Set

NOTE: Individual BTE Planetary Gear Sets are NOT INCLUDED in the Black Friday 20% Discount Offer (every other product shown on our parts page is)

Various ratio planetary gear sets for standard length and shorty transmissions.



BTE’s powerglide straight cut gear sets are constructed from the finest aerospace materials to ensure the most reliable backbone for your racing transmission.

For more than a decade, BTE has sold thousands of sets across the globe in all manner of racing cars, trucks, and boats.  All BTE transmission gear sets are cut and assembled in our own manufacturing facility.

Our gearsets include:

  • 9310 vacumelt steel gears – Made in Mt. Pleasant, MS in our own facility
  • 4340 steel forged output shaft (standard or TH400 sized Magnum)
  • All new steel gear carrier, computer balanced
  • Precision ground steel pins
  • Billet steel sun gear flange plate
  • 2 year warranty against failure or breakage


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