“Luck” is typically (if not always) preceded by belief

In racing, as in various facets of life, we rarely complete the flawless, dominating competition. More often than not, in order to succeed, we’re forced to overcome adversity in some form. The trick, as those Cavaliers did so admirably, is to not succumb to the burden of expectation; to maintain belief in yourself and your skills; to keep doing what you do best regardless of what the scoreboard says; to not give up. But how can average people like you and me do that?

How to Improve Reaction Times

As competitive drag racers we all understand the desire for quicker and/or more consistent reaction times.  While there are plenty of variables at every level of our sport, there are arguably none more important and almost certainly none more actionable from a driver’s standpoint than quality reaction times.  Yet many of us look at the […]