Season 2 Preview

The Daily Driver is back! We dropped 30 episodes in Season 1 one year ago. Thanks to YOUR awesome feedback, we’re back for another Season, and maybe more… Season 2 will feature brief, daily episodes featuring content designed to help you improve your ga

Diagnosing Inconsistency

There are a lot of tools, gadgets, and tricks that can help us make our cars better. But one tool stands above all when it comes to diagnosing inconsistency and making our car better…

Make the most out of what you have

Ever look back on a mistake and think, “Man, what an idiot!”? It’s easy do, but it’s not really fair to yourself. In this episode, Luke shares how to flip the script and lean into your mistakes and actually use them to your advantage.


Aggressiveness is one of the few things that separate the best racers from the good. But what does that look like? Luke shares the telling story of how Jerry Emmons won the 2021 Stock Eliminator World Championship with aggressiveness.