The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

Results, Final Four Wrap Up, Spring Fling Million Preview

The guys recap a few miscellaneous results from the 4-wides at Vegas, a bit of big money racing, and they preview both the Capital City Classic in Montgomery, and the Spring Fling Million in Vegas. Of course, with the NCAA finale in the books, they finish out the Sportsman racing ideas bracket.

Jonathan Maugans and NCAA update!

Luke and Jed get to catch up with Jonathan Maugans, they talked lots of bottom bulb racing, and introduced us to the Bottom Bulb Explosion which will be contested at Mid-America Dragway April 29-May 1. Near and dear to Luke’s basketball loving heart, he keeps us up to date on the NCAA Sportsman Racing “ideas” bracket.

Bracket Racing Bracket Time…Good Racing Ideas Vs. Bad Racing Ideas

Luke and Jed cover some limited results from the last couple weeks, mainly SFG Bradenton, Tucson Southwest Showdown, The Footbrake 150 at Gulfport, and the rain ridden Gatornationals. The real fun however comes in the yearly Sportsman Racing Bracket showdown, this year will be good drag racing inventions/ideas, vs bad ideas. Tune in, its a fun one!

Great American Guaranteed Million Tyler Bohannon

Luke and Jed had the opportunity to get to know Tyler Bohannon, the 2021 SDPC Race Shop Great American Guaranteed Million winner. Where, when, and how his racing career started were covered of course, but also how did that incredible day play out, were there nerves? worried about the huge, life changing money? Listen in to find out!

NHRA Sportsman Kicks off for 2022

Luke and Jed are back together to kickoff some of the first major racing of 2022. Luke reports from the west coast, where he will be spending a couple months with the NHRA series along with the Spring Fling Million. They also cover some results from the King of the Coast and Southern Big Bucks Shootout, both of which that had really strong crowds. Tune in now to hear their take on all of it!

2022 Top 25!

It’s time for our yearly…well somewhat yearly, TOP 25! Always sure to spark some conversation, maybe even some controversy, these Top 25’s are a great way to preview the upcoming 2022 big money bracket racing season. Tune in to see if you or your favorite racer made the list!

Peter Biondo and Dan Fletcher Weigh In!

Luke and Jed are joined by Dan Fletcher and Peter Biondo, talk about a start studded cast, to discuss the current/future state of the sport. They discuss, costs, travel, race structures, a wide reaching discussion on all points of sportsman drag racing!

Luke’s Big Announcement, TIBR Drivers Series and Electric Cars!

Huge announcement out of the Luke Bogacki Motorsports camp for the 2022 season! Jed weighs in on a couple of footbrake race rule changes that are trying to keep the spirit of the “footbrake” racing where they belong. Finally, Ashley Thompson joins the guys to discuss this years This Is Bracket Racing Driver Series, with its awesome nationwide competition and huge payouts!

2021 NHRA Super Stock Champion Greg Stanfield

Luke goes solo this week, and gets the opportunity to sit down and discuss Greg Stanfield’s NHRA Super Stock Championship season. They talk about a storied history in the sport, and the 27 years between his 4th world championship and this 5th championship. A great interview with a legend in the sport. Tune in now!