The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

Andy Schmall and Cory Gulitti are really good at racing!

Scotty’s back, Hunter’s back, Wesley’s….back!? Andy Schmall and Cory Gulitti seem to have this game figured out. Luke crowns a super street champion in June! The guys discuss a new D4 NHRA director, and a ton of other fun stuff! Tune in now!

Scotty the Great!?!

Last week, Luke and Jed talked about Peter, and his legacy…this week, Scotty nearly runs the table. These guys just don’t disappoint. They discuss some miscellaneous results. They discuss Taylor Bowling’s rise to greatness off the bottom bulb as well. Tune in for a great show!

Peter the Great!

Luke and Jed have a lot to unpack this week. They discuss the unfortunate passing of two of the sports legends. Peter Biondo’s $20k win, the Dream Team challenge, points runs are shaping up at on the LODRS, and another excessive braking DQ? Tune in to hear about all of these things and more!

John DiBartolomeo Tribute

Friend of the podcast, multi-time guest, all around advocate for our sport, John DiBartolomeo passed away May 23rd, this special tribute episode is a replay of episode 157, its a pretty special episode and these types of tributes, can be comforting, hearing our respected guests voice who has since passed, but can also be a bit hard to listen to as well. We hope you all enjoy hearing this one again, as much as we did.

Who’s going to win the Dream Team Challenge?!?!

The guys go over results from the TB $50k, NHRA National at VMP, and the Great Bend LODRS. Then as is the norm, this time of year, they preview the Dream Team Challenge coming up this weekend. They analyze some of the teams, and of course make some picks. Tune in to hear their thoughts!

Track Talk!

After seeing a ton of social media posts with folks listing all the tracks that they have attended and or won races while attending. Luke and Jed take it one step farther, they detail their favorites, their least favorites, as well as some a few categories that prove very interesting. Tune hear to hear about their Track Talk!

Gary Williams Best Ever?

Spring Fling Galot, Charlotte 4-wides, and the Bottom Bulb Explosion, also a bit of a Spring Fling mistake that gained some attention. And the age old question, is Gary Williams the best ever? Tune in to find out!

Final NHRA National, NHRA Divisional’s D1, D2, and some Big $$ Bracket Racing

No more Houston‚Ķ No more Atlanta‚Ķ No more Phoenix. Joliet? What does this all mean? We’ll discuss, but in the final Houston National we have Emmon’s family domination. Luke breaks down some very early season points scenarios. In the week before the race that he is co-promoting, Jonathan Maugans wins SP hitting the bottom bulb at the Rudd Racing Engines Six Shooter Shootout promoted by Paige Hamlin. Tune in to hear all of the weeks happenings!

Capital City $100k, and Vegas Million Recap

Kind of a strange show this week, Jed will join us first with a Capital City $100k recap, after that Luke and Jed come back together to discuss, and cover the highlights from the Spring Fling Million.

Big Jed’s Time In the Limelight!

Big Jed’s Big Moment! All things Jed all the time. Luke gets the opportunity to really dive deep into Jed’s history in the sport. All the way to his start in the 80’s! This is a fun episode, Jed wasn’t really looking forward to, but fun none-the less. Tune in now!