The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast

with Luke & Jed

180: Normalcy, Michael Jordan and Famous Track Employees!

We have a HUGE episode for your listening pleasure! Luke and Jed, discuss current moves to open areas of the country, are we headed for some normalcy? They discuss the Michael Jordan documentary, and finish up with an ever popular Top 5 segment about favorite famous track employees, that we all have run across around the country! 

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Way Back Wednesday to 2008

Luke is back with Kevin McKenna for Way Back Wednesday.  This week, the duo looks back on the year of the Michael Phelps Olympics, David Tyree’s helmet catch, Dan Fletcher’s Competition Eliminator domination, Alan Johnson’s split with DSR, and Scotty Richardson’s WFC repeat: it’s 2008 in the world of drag racing.

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Dan Fletcher Story Time with Justin Lamb

Justin Lamb, co-instructor on This is Bracket Racing Elite, gets to catch up with Dan Fletcher, in a pretty cool discussion/story time. There are some sketchy audio sections, due to a bad internet/zoom connection, I tried to edit most of it out. Enjoy!

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TBT 2007

Luke goes down memory lane this week, he and Kevin McKenna talk about 2007. Tune in to hear this weeks throw back Thursday!

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178: Brian Lohnes on the revised NHRA national event schedule and more

This week, he welcomed NHRA Lead Announcer Brian Lohnes to tell Luke why he’s wrong about his prediction that there wouldn’t be a traditional NHRA national in 2020.  In addition to providing some optimism for the proposed NHRA season, Brian weighed in with thoughts about some on-track activity as tracks in some areas of the country begin to open up.  The duo closed with both grease monkey and nerdy bookworm fun as well – a little something for everyone!

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177: Where do we stand?

Luke and Jed are back together this week. Discussing topics ranging from what races are happening, what races are postponed, when are they happening? Then they moved into a fun topic, with all of the Netflix documentary watching going on during these times, the guys discuss which racers they’d love to see a documentary on. They even called in producer Mark to weigh in! 

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