The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast

with Luke & Jed

WBW 2002

Kevin McKenna joins Luke once again to throw it back to 2002! They discuss all the news that is (was) news in and around the sport of drag racing from 18 years past!

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WBW 2001

In this edition of “Throwback Thursday,” Luke and Kevin McKenna revisit 2001.  Obviously the dominating story of the year came on September 11.  The duo discusses where they were on that fateful day, the impacts on their lives, and (on a more trivial scale) the effect of 9/11 on the sport of drag racing.  As usual, they break down the biggest stories in the year of sportsman racing: from the NHRA professional ranks, to the Lucas Oil Series, the IHRA and big dollar bracket action.

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183: Cheating…again? Big Race Results!

A little different episode on tap for this weeks regular episode. Luke goes solo on this one! Jed’s “on assignment” at the Spring Fling at Galot, so Luke took the reigns to discuss the happenings in the world of sportsman drag racing. Luke gets the chance to delve into some hot button topics, cheating devices..again, “performance enhancing drugs” and of course some results from the past week. Tune in for an awesome show! 

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182: The Times we are Living in, and Some Actual Racing!

Luke opens this week’s episode with a brief, heartfelt monologue on the sad and troubling times in our country… Then he and Jed completely flip the script for one of the more humorous and enjoyable episodes we’ve had in a while.  On the docket: some (gasp) actual race coverage from the SFG event in Iowa! Also, big news from NHRA and Summit Raceway Park. Then, the good stuff…  The guys dive deep into their latest top 5 breakdown: the best race car names in history.  Follow that with an impromptu trivia time, and and epic list of shoutouts… Let’s just say that it’s worth sticking around ’til the end!

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Today, Luke & Kevin dial the (not so) Way Back Machine to 2010: Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress, the final season of Oprah, Don Prudhomme’s retirement, and bracket domination from John Labbous, Jr. and Gary Williams.

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180: Normalcy, Michael Jordan and Famous Track Employees!

We have a HUGE episode for your listening pleasure! Luke and Jed, discuss current moves to open areas of the country, are we headed for some normalcy? They discuss the Michael Jordan documentary, and finish up with an ever popular Top 5 segment about favorite famous track employees, that we all have run across around the country! 

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