The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

Episode 067: “Bracket” Racing History

On this week’s episode, Luke & Jed were joined by legendary announcer, journalist and racer Bret Kepner to discuss the Sportsman Drag Racing Hall of Fame idea in greater depth.  We doubt anyone has more diversity in experience or a greater knowledge of the history of drag racing than Kepner – he’s like a walking, talking encyclopedia (as you’ll hear on this episode).  Hear his takes and some fascinating facts on our sport, in addition to the guys’ weekly recap of major events from around the country.

Episode 066: Sportsman Hall of Fame Discussion

Should Sportsman Drag Racing have its own Hall Of Fame?  If so, where would it be located?  And who gets first ballot induction?  Luke & Jed discuss these ideas and share their thoughts on this week’s episode.  In addition, they cover last weekend’s biggest newsmakers from Phoenix to Orlando to Montgomery, and more! 

Episode 065: Guest Host Kevin Brannon

In this episode Jed is welcomed by co-host Kevin Brannon, while Luke goes on vacation and takes the week off. Jed and KB discuss a pit incident at Gulfport dragway over the weekend, as well as some King of the Coast results. The guys discuss KB’s move into racing full time, and the upcoming divisional at Orlando. They also highlight a few upcoming events. To finish up the episode, Luke gives us a #RACINGANSWERS segment on top end driving.

Episode 064: Bottom Bulb Top 25

Bottom bulb racers have been waiting for it: It’s the Bottom Bulb version of the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast Top 25!  Luke, Jed, and Mark recruited 12 distinguished panelists to assemble the top 25: listen to see who came out on top, who earned Top 25 status, and who got snubbed!  Luke Siebert, of Siebert Performance and a notable bottom bulb racer of his own right, joined the show this week to break down the results and give his take.  In addition, Luke & Jed cover the weekend’s results from Pomona and discuss upcoming events slated for this weekend.

Episode 063: Interview with Lynn Ellison

On this week’s episode, Luke & Jed sit down for a lengthy interview with reigning NHRA Top Dragster World Champion Lynn Ellison.  Within that segment, Lynn recaps his amazing 2017 season, talks about the opportunity to compete alongside his daughter Madison, and what it’s like to bracket race at well over 200 mph.  In addition, the guys rehash their NHRA picks from last episode in preparation for the NHRA season opener in Pomona.  The episode closes with an appearance from newly minted Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast correspondent, JJ Pennington! 

Episode 062: NHRA Pick’em

National Dragster Senior Editor Kevin McKenna joins Luke and Big Jed this week as they perform their annual NHRA Championship Draft.  A year ago, Luke smoked Big Jed in the competition: and as a result, Jed’s “Big Red” Nova will feature a custom decal throughout 2018 to make sure everyone knows it!  This year, Kevin, who helped the duo with their picks last season, got in on the action and picked a team of his own.  The trio each selected three drivers in each of the NHRA sportsman categories as their own “Dream Team” of sorts.  The show is a bit NHRA heavy this week, as Luke & Jed also discuss the advent of an 1/8th mile NHRA Division Series in the Southeast Division, and the addition of Virginia Motorsports Park to the NHRA National Event Schedule.  Luke closes this week’s show with a “Final Thought” on the future of bracket racing.

Episode 061: Turn back the Clock

This week, the guys are joined by 2-time NHRA World Champion Sherman Adcock, Jr. and the trio takes turns telling racing stories of yesteryear: entertaining tales from their youth and what feels like a little different time in sportsman drag racing.  Jed shares a story that begins with losing a race car (quite literally) and ends in the winner’s circle.  Sherman tells us about the early days of NHRA Super Gas, and highlights a few of the personalities of that time period.  And Luke adds in the story of his first race day at his home track – a couple years shy of being a licensed driver.  In addition, they talk about the ceasing of drag race competition at Englishtown, and touch on some of the upcoming events, news, and deadlines in the sport.

Episode 060: Towing Talk

Some of the most discussed – and often most avoided – questions in the world of sportsman drag racing swirl around the issue of Commercial Vehicle mandates and the DOT laws as they apply to racers.  In this episode, Luke & Jed do their best to get to the bottom of it,  with the help of two highly respected industry professionals: Joe Fisher (Racing RV’s), and John Dibartolomeo (Drag Racing Edge).  Joe and John help shed some light on towing and CDL requirements for our racing operations.

Episode 059: David Rampy

This episode was a real treat for Jed & Luke, as they got to sit down for a lengthy interview with recent NHRA World Champion and sportsman racing icon, David Rampy.  In his interview, Rampy talked about everything from his Alabama roots to the intricacies of Competition Eliminator; his racing mentor, his team, and his drive to continue earning his living within sportsman competition.  It’s one you don’t want to miss!

Episode 058: The Top 25 Reveal

The boys are back!  After a week off for the holidays, Luke and Jed return – and they bring the goods this week in an episode sure to get everyone talking.  In this episode, the guys rank the top 25 top bulb bracket racers in the world!  Who’s number 1?  Who missed the cut?  Find out in an episode dedicated almost exclusively to poll banter.  In addition, the guys touch on a handful of events that have been released in recent weeks, and close the show with the popular #RacingAnswers segment.