The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast w/ Luke & Jed Podcast

OG Million Recap…No Box Door Cars!!…say no more!

Huge episode on tap, obviously its impossible to cover up the lead here. Donnie Hagar! Everyone knows the story, the guys recap his win and all things OG Million. NHRA points are really coming down to the wire, and there are some changes and recaps to be had on that front as well. Tune in for a surely entertaining episode. 

NHRA Battles Shaping Up and Light Bracket Action

Jed joined Luke on the eve of the Labor Day $250k for this week’s Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast. In it, we packed a ton of discussion about both the past week and a monstrous Labor Day weekend on the horizon:

  • Brad Burton and Tyler Caheely made big strides toward a Super Stock national championship: are they on a collision course to battle for the title?
  • A new title contender in Super Comp?
  • Could a 16-second pickup truck be the weapon of choice in Stock Eliminator?
  • A we ready to crown the next bottom bulb king?
  • Bold predictions (sure to go wrong): Luke and Jed call our shots for the Labor Day $250k, and every sportsman winner at the Big Go!

NHRA TD Points Leader Clint Geise Interview, and a huge weekend for Zach Fulcher!

Huge episode on tap! Luke gets to sit down and interview TD National Points leader Clint Geise, he covers Clints history in the sport, and how he’s put together this amazing hot streak. Also, discusses highlights from racing all over the country, including a huge $50k win and runner up for Zach Fulcher! Tune in now!  

World Super Pro $50k Along with NHRA and Working Man Results

The guys discuss the OG Mid-Michigan $50k and its most popular winner ever, Steve Mikus. They also go down some NHRA points results and the points changes that go with those results, and of course they go over highlights from the Working Man $10 grands and the Nightfire Nationals. 

Justin Lamb, Track Shakeups and Rumors, and Major Event Recap

Luke and Jed talk about Justin Lambs very impressive streak, they also discuss tracks that are closing, some off the NHRA tour, some back on the tour, and of course they quickly recap some of the major events of the last couple weeks. 

Jegs Speedweek, Final Mile High Nationals, ECF and more!

Luke and Jed discuss results from a few races around the country, mainly highlighting Jegs Speedweek and the points implications that went along with those results. The final Mile High Nationals at Bandimere and the feel good stories from there. Of course, Luke spent last week at the Eastern Conference Finals, and highlights the main points from that event. 

Are EV’s the Future of Bracket Racing?

Luke and Jed cover a somewhat short week of results including the LODRS at Numidia, the Steve Collier show at Muncie, and the $100k Triple Threat at VMP. Then of course, the EV discussion, somewhat controversial amongst competitors, the guys weigh in on their take.