The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast

with Luke & Jed

218: NHRA Sportsman Preview (Part 1) with Clay Millican

Clay Millican joins Luke to preview a portion, (Comp, S/Stock, Stock, TD, and TS) of the NHRA upcoming season. Recapping last years champion, and pick some contenders for the upcoming season. They make some bold predictions, discuss new happenings, and make some insider picks. Tune in Clay always brings a great energy, and has really kept his finger on the pulse of sportsman racing. 

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217: We Have Actual Racing to Talk About!!

Luke and Jed are back together with ACTUAL racing results and stories to talk about! Starting off with the Southern Big Buck Nationals (Baton Rouge), moving on to West Coast Bracket Racing’s huge event at Tuscon, and then onto the Top Bulb 150 at Gulfport. A couple of NHRA events with the Baby Gators and Belle Rose, and finishing off with some results from Wes Buck’s World Doorslammer Nationals. Tune in for a packed episode! 

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214: What bracket racers & promoters can learn from wider reaching events – with Wes Buck

On the heels of last episode’s discussion about the financial aspect of sportsman racing, Luke sits down with Wes Buck. Buck, best known as the founder and editorial director at Drag Illustrated made a huge splash in 2020 as the promoter of the World Doorslammer Nationals. He discusses the motivation and the challenges that go into promoting an event of that magnitude, and the two explore how some of his experience and success could translate to the world of big dollar bracket racing.

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213: Sportsman Racer, Olympian, or Adult Film Star?

May have taken the official plunge off the rails with this episode, after many trips seemingly off the rails, I think we found the limits this time! Luke and Jed have a really in depth and interesting conversation, “Can you actually race for a living?” As awesome as that segment is, it doesn’t hold a candle for what was to follow. Sportsman racer, Olympian, or Adult Film Star? Jed has to decide when given 16 different names. We think you all will find this incredibly entertaining, be sure to tune in! 

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212: Drag Champ Gary Interview

Gary Don Free makes a return to the show, Drag Champ has grown in incredible ways since the last time Gary was on the show last nearly 100 episodes ago. Jed gets to talk about Drag Champ, its progress, and staff. 

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