The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast

with Luke & Jed

151: Top 25 of ALL TIME!

Ever thought about who the Top 25 racers in sportsman drag racing of all time? Luke and Jed break down THEIR ideas of the Top 25. Be sure to tune in, some will agree, some will disagree, but at the very least it can drum up a discussion about those who have accomplished the most in our sport.

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150: Matt Dadas Interview

Jed sits down with Matt Dadas to discuss what has been an incredible season. They discuss the progression of the season, where it started and where its headed. Matt was able to describe what it was like to be the car owner for a momentous occasion as well as what it was like to be behind the wheel.

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149: Scott Lemen Interview!

Luke gets a chance to sit down with owner and co-founder of With decades of racing experience, and an all-around industry presence. Luke gets to pick Scott’s brain on lots of topics including the status of big money bracket racing and where its headed.

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148: All things Fling!

Luke and Jed discuss all the happenings from the Fall Fling at Bristol Dragway. Offering up a recap of winners, as well as opinions on some of the more dramatic moments. An awesome story leads a NHRA Stock Eliminator racer to get the BTE Who’s Hot. Stay tuned all the way to the end for one of our more interesting endings to the show.

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147: Luke interviews Chris Gulitti

Jed sits down with Chris Gulitti for a cool look into the father son duo’s racing history, and future. A fixture on the big money bracket racing tour, Chris and his son Cory can be found in almost any corner of the country, chasing huge payouts, with an incredible amount of success. Tune in to hear Chris’s story!

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144: KC Pesnell breaks the Internet!

KC Pesnell broke the internet.  So, we had to talk about the 14-year-old who won $50,000!  In that discussion, Luke and Jed debated whether KC (or any 14-year-old) should be driving a 140+ mph dragster alongside grown men and women at the highest level of our sport.  In addition, Jed put his reporter hat on and broke some news about the situation.  It’s as much of a “must listen” podcast as we’ve ever published! Once we wrapped up our thoughts on that situation, we brought on Rex Simmermaker, host of the “Fast Brackets Podcast”on the eve of the first U.S. Nationals featuring the two fastest pure sportsman categories: Top Dragster and Top Sportsman. 

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