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Ohlins TTX-36 Shock Absorber with spring


You get what you pay for, and the Ohlin’s TTX-36 shock absorber gives the consistency and reliability you want, every pass.

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    Distance center-to-center at full extension, in inches

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Note: The Ohlins LMP Series shocks have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We now carry the TTX line of Ohlins shocks exclusively.

Due to COVID-related international shipping restrictions, please allow delays of up to 30 days for delivery until further notice.

Focusing on adjustability, durability and ease of maintenance, the TTX-36 delivers the performance of a high-end product at mid-range cost.

Utilizing a twin tube design with a solid piston, all damping is generated in the external valves.

This means that the adjustment range is vast just from turning the adjusters, and yet if re-valving is needed, it can be done without having to take the damper apart.

Price for single shock. Spring included. For dual shocks, add 2 to cart.

Special Notes:

For customers with American Dragsters, there’s no need to do any measuring, just select the American Dragster dropdown at purchase.
For any other make, select the appropriate Custom Measurement option and fill in the boxes.


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