Dedenbear Water Pump (Remote Kit and Items)


The complete remote water pump kit from Dedenbear. See below for what’s included and for the links to purchase the parts individually.

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Dedenbear Remote Water Pump kit (LBM-DEDWP)

Get the complete kit now and save $29 on parts and at least $40 in shipping!

The complete kit includes:

Remote Water Pump (DED-WP3)

Dedenbear Remote Water Pump

Model WP3 is the ideal remote mount electric water pump for any type of dragster or roadster engine. This universal pump weighs just 3-1/4 pounds and draws only 3 amps – yet pumps 23 gallons per minute! It can be mounted in any position.

This rebuildable design features a hard anodized, billet aluminum impeller and custom seal tested at 250 degrees. Unlike rubber impeller RV and boat units now in use, which seize at 140 degrees. Inlet accepts either 1-1/4 inch hose or 3/4 inch NPT; the outlet is 3/4 inch NPT. Works with 12 or 16 volt systems. Runs quiet. Back of casting is already drilled and tapped for mounting bolts. Can be used with WH1 and WH2 water headers for Chevrolet applications.


Water Expansion Tank (DED-ET1K)

Dedenbear Water Expansion Tank

Fits SBC & BBC. Includes cap, gasket, bolts, washers, fittings, and sight tube.

Improves any existing cooling system by continuously purging trapped air. The aluminum casting bolts onto any Chevy or Chrysler V8 intake.

Our unique, three-in-one outlet accepts all popular hose designs: 1-1/2-inch; 1-1/4-inch; or 3/4-inch pipe thread for AN fittings. Machined, thick aluminum top which won’t wear out like a thin sheet metal neck. Uses a standard radiator cap. External sight gauge on the side allows visual checks of coolant levels. Coolant can be circulated with the cap removed – without overflowing. Threaded bosses on each side provide convenient locations to attach hood scoop supports, throttle return springs, etc. Catch-can line provision is built right into the neck.


Water Header (DED-WH1)

Dedenbear Water Header

These simple water manifolds easily clear timing covers, gear drives, or timing belts. Makes camshaft removal or adjustment easy!

Dual 3/4″ NPT threads let coolant feed from either side of the engine. Designed to distribute coolant equally into both sides of the engine. Top mounted 1/2 inch NPT outlet accepts a temperature sending gauge, switch or pressure tap. Compatible with other types of remote mounted water pump.


Also available individually:

Dedenbear Water Pump, SBC/BBC

Dedenbear Water Pump WP1

The smallest, lightest, highest volume electric pumps available. Specifically engineered for the types of engines, radiators and radiator placements used by drag racers. These are the shortest pumps in the industry – ideal for dragsters and cars with minimal radiator clearance.

Flows 25 gallons per minute with a 1-3/4″ hose. Only draws 3.5 amps at 12 volts (but works with 16 volts too). Weights only 4.0 pounds. Tested up to 250 F and 30 psi. Threaded, three-in-one water inlet included. Accepts either 1-1/4″ or 1-3/4″ hose, or 1″ pipe thread. Easily rebuildable.


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