BTE Top Sportsman Powerglide Transmission


The ultimate racing transmission for door cars, roadsters, and mud racers with over 1000 horsepower.


This Powerglide transmission is designed for high horsepower applications in vehicles that require the standard length output shaft. This transmission is recommended for all applications making up to 2400 horsepower.

It includes these features or options (some at additional charge) when ordering above:

  • Chevy bellhousing included, or choose to swap for a different engine
  • BTE 9310 Straight Cut Gearset (1.58-1.69-1.80-1.98 ratios available)
  • BTE Top Sportsman Transbrake Valve Body (255 lbs of pressure)
    • When ordering above, leave as “Standard” for this choice. Or select the Bracket brake option to change with no charge. The difference is the standard brake requires the button for reverse; the bracket brake does not.
  • 6, 8, or 10 Clutch High Gear Pack
    • Luke says: The 10 clutch setup is really only beneficial for a heavier, high powered car (true Top Sportsman/Top Dragster car or a 4-second 1/8th mile car at over 2500 lbs.).  For most bracket & super class combinations, an 8 clutch is perfect.  For lower powered cars, I suggest a 6-clutch setup simply because it creates less drag in high gear.  As an example: I run an 8-clutch setup in everything we own, with the exception of my Vega (it has a 6-clutch).
  • L/S Engine option which would tune the converter pressure in the pump to preserve thrust
  • Powdercoating options – over 10,000 color options available, including clear. Add 2-3 weeks to delivery.
  • BTE Ringless Turbo Spline Vasco Input Shaft
  • BTE High Volume Race Pump
  • BTE SFI Spec Case (Fully Rollerized)
  • BTE Deep Aluminum Pan
  • Wide Kevlar Racing Band
  • Billet Two Ring Servo
  • BTE Roller Billet Governor Support
  • BTE Roller Tailhousing

Note that with transmissions, shipping freight charges differ based on location and delivery location. Be sure to specify using the shipping choices above.

Additional information


Chevy, SBF (+$150), BBF (+$150), BBM (+$150), SBM (+$150), Modular Ford (+$150), Pontiac Olds (+$150)


1.80, 1.69, 1.98, 1.58 (+$1850)

# of Clutches

10, 8 (-$100), 6 (-$100)


Standard, Bracket

LS Engine?

Yes, No

Custom Powdercoating?

No, Yes (+$150 & see instructions)


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