BTE Race Torque Converters

BTE 8″, 9″, and 10″ race torque converters can handle anything up to about 1500 horsepower. In stock for P/G, TH350/400, C4, C6, and Chrysler transmissions.

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8″ Race Torque Converters

The top choice for most drag racing applications, this one is designed for most applications under 565 ci. Also features an all new Opel style core.

9″ Race Torque Converters

This stall converter is optimized for nitrous, turbo, and big cubic inch naturally aspirated applications from about 500 to 600 ci.

10″ Race Torque Converters

Designed for most applications over 565 ci making between 900 and 1500 horsepower.


All converters feature:

  • Long lasting furnace brazed fins
  • 4140 Steel investment cast stators
  • 1 piece 8620 investment cast converter front
  • Precision hub
  • Screw on pilot
  • Borg-Warner Multi-element sprag or spragless configurations
  • Peace of mind: One year warranty on sprag and stator assembly
  • Fits your application: Available for P/G, TH350/400, C4, C6, and Chrysler transmissions




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