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APD Billet Enforcer Carb (Gas)


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The APD’s Billet Enforcer gas carburetor is the gold standard for the vast majority of big block sportsman applications.

The Billet Enforcer is great for competing in wide open bracket classes, .90 categories, or both.

Standard features include:

  • All billet design, black anodized
  • 4-corner idle system
  • 3-circuit adjustability
  • Adjustable external throttle linkage
  • Stainless throttle plate screws
  • Custom floats
  • Custom needle & seats
  • Raised billet boosters


APD’s billet bowls require a unique -8 O-Ring inlet fitting which eliminates overtightening/stripping/pesky fuel leaks, but likely requires new inlet fittings.

When ordering, select the fittings you need: -6 male ($25/pr), -8 male ($25/pr), or optional -8 female for fuel log ($39/pr)


Not sure what size carburetor you need for your application? Watch the Video (coming soon). Still not sure? Fill out this form:

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