My training is blocked and I can’t get to it

NOTE: Our new training directory can be found at

The below instructions are for accessing old, single tutorials you’ve received.

You can try clicking on any lesson title anywhere on the site. If you don’t have access, it will restrict access. If you try it and expect to have access but don’t, make sure you’re logged in.

Verify you’re logged in #

If you’re logged in, you’ll see “Directory” in the menu. If you see “Login” then you’re not logged in, so do that first.

You have to see “Directory” to know you’re logged in.

(Optional: Click Remember Me on the Login page and it will should your login for 14 days. Do this only if you’re on a trusted device or computer.)

Make sure you’re logged into the right account #

Some of our users have more than one account. Visit My Account and the Orders page to make sure you’re in the correct account.

Try clicking on the training title you purchased #

All the training can be found on one of the 9 Areas of Drag Racing. Click an image of an area to visit the category. If you purchased a course or calculator, scroll down below the ELITE box on the Directory page to find those.

If you purchased a full Master Course, you can click any title inside the Master Course box.

If you purchased an individual lesson, you may also click the title to view.

Clear your browser’s cache #

Usually, this can be done in the “Settings” or “Tools” section of your browser. Clear the browsing data, cookies, and cache.

Then, try logging in again.

Try a different device or computer #

Sometimes, a certain phone, tablet, or laptop can get temporarily angry. Try to login and click the tutorial title using something else. Then you’ll know it’s your previous device.