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  • Race Forward (#051)

    It's very difficult not to allow last round's performance to impact this round's performance. Yet doing so is often imperative to growth and success (written lesson from Luke Bogacki).

  • Racing To Your Opponent (#065)

    Feel like you need to race "up" to your "all-star" opponent this round? Feel like you can slack off against a "duck" next round? In this written lesson, Luke discusses the pitfalls of racing to your competition.

  • Handling the Pressures of a Points Chase

    Whether you're competing for a track championship, a national championship, or something in between, points chases are stressful. In this video, 2-time NHRA world champion Luke Bogacki discusses how he deals with the pressure of the late stages of a points chase.

  • Focus on the Process (Not the Results)

    We all get caught up in whether or not (and how often) our win light comes on. As Luke explains in this video, on-track results are not the only measurement of our progress as a racer (and more often than not, they're not the best measurement).

  • Winning Close Races

    Is there a fine art to consistently coming out on the good end of close races? Luke discusses in this ELITE original.

  • Keeping Composure & Maintaining Confidence

    When you stage up for a big round, you know it's a big round! There's no getting around it and it's useless to try to lie or trick yourself. How can we maintain composure and perform to our potential in those key spots? Luke shares some of his tools from experience in this video.

  • Aim Small, Miss Small

    The saying that was immortalized by Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) in American Sniper is also extremely applicable to sportsman drag racing, as Luke explains in this popular lesson.

  • The Gap Between Thought & Response

    In this detailed video, Luke dives into his belief that while we don't necessarily control our thoughts, we have ultimate agency over our actions. He applies this to racing: specifically thoughts of doubt and of desire.

  • Fake News in Drag Racing

    One of our favorite and most popular lessons, from Justin Lamb. The premise: overcoming the need for comparison by realizing that a lot of our competitors are only telling us what they want us to hear!

  • Value of Certainty (And How to Develop It)

    There is nothing more confidence building than certainty heading into a round. Certainty of what you need in the delay box... Certainty of your dial-in... Certainty that you can execute behind the wheel. But how do we develop certainty (particularly in uncertain times)?

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Additional Related Training

  • Developing a Positive Routine (#003)

    All great racers have at least one important thing in common: they perform meticulously regimented pre-race routines. In this written training, Luke details not only the importance of routine, but also some tricks and hacks to make your on-track routine unflappable.

  • Compartmentalizing our Routine (And Run) (#022)

    How are elite drivers able to process so much information in the few seconds that they're on the race track? How do they consistently reach the high level of focus necessary to dominate at the highest level? A large part of the answer lies in not only developing a solid routine, but refining the ability to compartmentalize each aspect of that routine.

  • When You're Struggling (#030)

    We've all been in a slump. In this popular written lesson, Luke discusses tools to break out of it.

  • Performing Under Pressure (#032)

    Struggle in big spots? Or, worry that you'll fold once you make that elusive pressure-packed round? In this written lesson, Luke describes some of the tools he relies on to perform at a high level when all the chips are in the middle.

  • Don't Think (#033)

    One of the worst pieces of advice we've ever heard in racing: "Don't Think". What? Granted, there is a time for the subconscious to take over, but the importance of processing information and making critical decisions in a brief period of time cannot be overstated. Luke walks through the thought process in this written lesson.

  • Conspiracy Theory (#036)

    If you're constantly convinced that someone else is to blame, please read this lesson!

  • Setting and Pursuing Goals (#040)

    Within ELITE, we highly value the goal-setting process. In this written lesson, Luke details both the importance of setting goals, and more importantly the principles of setting the "right" goals for your racing program.

  • Improvements & Success, It's a Process (#052)

    Written lesson about the value of process over results

  • The Luck Factor (#054)

    We can all agree that success is predicated on a confluence of luck and skill. How big of a role does luck actually play? Can we control it at all? Luke takes a deep dive in this written lesson.

  • Racing Your "Nemesis" (#050)

    Do you have one specific opponent who just gives you fits? You're not alone. Luke discusses getting over that hurdle in this popular written lesson.

  • The Triangle of Success (#055)

    In this written lesson, Luke applies some of John Wooden's legendary principles to our sport.

  • How Do You Want to Win? (#059)

    A written training on the ethics of competition and winning a race and/or championship that you're proud of.

  • Racing Geography (#061)

    While ultimately unique to each competitor, strategy and tendancies do tend to follow geographic trends. Luke explains in this written lesson.

  • The Pursuit of Improvement (#064)

    For each of us as racers, the goal is simple: be a little bit better today than we were yesterday. Luke explains and provides useful strategies for accomplishing that goal in (relative) perpetuity in this written lesson.

  • Applying Some Wooden Logic to Our Game (#067)

    John Wooden, legendary coach of TEN national championship basketball teams at UCLA, is a highly quoted character in the study of leadership. In this lesson, Luke applies some of his principles to our game of sportsman drag racing.

  • An Attempt to Justify My Recent Success (#069)

    Written shortly after Luke's back-to-back NHRA World Championships (SC in 2013 and SG in 2014), Luke explores some of the key insights and changes in his strategy, mindset, and execution that he believes played a key role in his success.

  • Confidence, Trust, and Talent (#072)

    A written lesson about the importance of confidence and trust in your unique talents on the race track.

  • Small Victories (#073)

    As a society, we tend to focus more on our shortcomings (losses) than our success (no matter how big). Luke flips that idea on its head in this popular written training, emphasizing the benefits of identifying and internalizing even small victories in the process of becoming the best version of ourselves.

  • The Four C's (#074)

    Luke's "Four C's" to success (written lesson)

  • High Self Esteem (In What You're Good At)

    In this video lesson, Luke stresses the importance of both identifying our biggest strength behind the wheel, and really leaning into it.

  • Uncontrollable Distractions

    5x World Champion Justin Lamb talks about dealing with distractions beyond our control in the race car.

  • No Excuses

    We often tire of hearing excuses from our friends and competitors after an unsuccessful outing. If we're honest with ourselves, we make excuses too. In this lesson, Luke dives into that subject and how to make sure that we accept accoutability and attempt to learn from each event.

  • Let's Swish

    Admittedly, this could be viewed as the cheesiest lesson in our archives... And yet, we promise this is a tool that Luke uses personally and advocates. The SWISH method is not our idea; Luke takes the concept introduced by Tony Robbins and shows us how to apply it to the world of sportsman drag racing.

  • It Starts with Action

    Wondering where to begin? Typically, the best step is to do something (even if it's wrong). Luke explains in this popular video.

  • The Mental Game of Natn'l Event Competition

    Regardless of how much success (or lack thereof) you've enjoyed in other forms of competition, national events provide a unique challenge. Luke discusses the psychology of national event competition in this video.

  • How to Get Lucky

    "That is so lucky!" In this video, Luke shares some thoughts on how to become that "lucky" guy/gal that everyone is talking about.

  • How to Focus

    As drag racers, the constant goal is to reach an elevated state of acute, intense mental focus for a very brief period of time (once we stage), on a regular basis. In this popular video lesson, Luke share the tools that he uses to help do so.

  • Control is an Illustion

    This lesson's title says it all. It's about relinquishing the illusion of control and embracing the thought of focusing on the few things that we can impact.

  • Information Overwhelm

    While there is infinite value in information, too much of a good thing can still be, well - too much. In this video lesson, Luke discusses filtering information and perhaps most importantly, when to shut off the faucet.

  • Championship Run

    Kevin Brannon recaps some of his biggest on-track accomplishments, from mindset to execution.

  • Chasing Points (Justin's View)

    In this lesson, 5x NHRA World Champion Justin Lamb talks about the pros and cons, the stress and anxiety, and the obstacles and pitfalls of a season long points chase.

  • Let the Carrot Grow

    We live in a world of immediate results. Our most meaningful advancements, however, tend to come as a result of sustained commitment. In this popular video lesson, Luke speaks to the importance of the long tail.

  • Cultivate The Gap - Gratitude

    In a previous lesson, Luke discussed the gap between thought and emotion (between stimulus and response). The feedback from the ELITE community was overwhelmingly positive and curious; so we're following up with a series of tools to help cultivate that gap. In this lesson, Luke discusses the first of those tools: Gratitude.

  • You Are Only As Good As The Tools You Have

    Justin Lamb on the value of perpetually improving your equipment.

  • Navigating The New Normal

    While the topic is a little focused on how things are and will be different after the pandemic, Luke outlines some tips on how to look at situations outside our control.

  • Cultivate the Gap - Identity

    The third in this series, Luke brings up personal identity and how it relates to on-track performance. How do you see yourself if you don't do well?

  • NBA vs Drag Racing

    Watching the recent NBA Finals, Justin Lamb realized something about late rounds of racing. He shares what he learned and how the knowledge can help you, from local races to big money races.

  • Analyzing a Big Mistake

    After you mess up big time, what do you do? What *should* you do? Importantly, how do you learn from it? Luke outlines dealing with a big mistake in your racing.

  • 2020 Review - Preparation

    Sports Psychologist and drag racer Dr Tami Eggleston walks through analyzing your past season. Specifically, your level of mental preparation. Then, what to keep in mind for next season.

  • A Professional Approach

    As competitors, we all have rounds (or days) of supreme confidence; where things just seem to flow. If we're honest, we also have rounds (or days) where uncertainty and/or doubt creeps in and everything feels forced. In this brief lesson, Luke details what it means to have a professional approach to performance and competition, and how that professional mindset can help to even out the peaks and valleys of momentum.

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