Daily Driver Podcast

Comfort Cannot be Overstated

Driver comfort is a simple concept that we, as racers, often take for granted. How comfortable are you in competition, and how can you work to elevate that comfort level?


As racers, we tend to identify ourselves by our performance. While there is a lesson to be learned from every competitive endeavor (win or lose), self judgement can all too often turn into self-sabotage.

Trust Yourself

As racers, it’s so easy to question our instincts, to second guess ourselves. Does doing so serve you?


What simple facet of racing do you feel like you’ve mastered? Do you ever catch yourself taking it for granted?

Data Acquisition Tools

Interested in data acquisition? Wondering if you need it all? And if you do, what do you need (& what don’t you need)?

The Freedom of Process over Results

We’ve all heard the cliche: Process over Results! Like most cliches, however, there’s something to it. How can we focus on the process of improvement, without overemphasizing the importance of win lights? We explore some tools in this episode…

The Compound Effect

Is success one big secret, or a million little things, done consistently?

The Perfect Weapon

What is the ultimate machine in today’s world of sportsman drag racing?