232: What track has produced the best racers historically?

Luke and Jed are back together this week, they cover some NHRA highlights from around the US, as well as a few big money races in Indiana, Virginia, and South Carolina. Then we make an attempt at making a few racers really happy and the rest of the country mad at us! Tune in to […]

231: Rock Haas and TIBR Driver Series Update with Ashley Thompson

Luke catches up with some of the past weeks racing, and then gets to sit down with long time NHRA standout Rock Haas. They discuss Rock’s “Rocking Super Class Shootout”, and the advent of these races that are are occuring with NHRA type competition without being under the NHRA umbrella. In the second part of […]

230: Don Oneal- Di’s Story

On this weeks episode, we go Luke-less, Jed has the opportunity to talk with Don Oneal. Racing takes a bit of a backseat in this episode to the much more impactful, inspiring, and touching story of the life Don and Diane Oneal lived together.  Check out this episode!

Let It Be

There is an innocence to beginning. Whether it’s blissful ignorance, or genuine curiosity (or a combination of both), we often enter into new situations and pursuits with an open mind and a desire to soak it all in. We’re at the base of the mountain. Excited for the challenge, we glare up at the glamorous […]

228: Is Nick Hastings the greatest ever?

Luke and Jed are back together this week. They go into a lengthy discussion about the reign on big money racing that Nick Hastings currently holds on the sport, as well as comparisons and opinions on the “greatest ever” discussion. Luke discusses early season NHRA success, and results. As always some entertaining #manscaped reads and […]

Weather 101

Any racer knows that weather conditions impact the performance of our machines. Race cars typically run quicker E.T.’s in the early Spring and the late Fall than they do in the heat of summer. This vague idea becomes significantly more important situationally. Let’s assume it’s 2nd round of the NHRA Summit E.T. Finals, which is […]

227: Racer, Promoter, Race Reporter- Paige Hamlin

Jed gets to sit down with up and coming promoter, among many other things, Paige Hamlin. Paige discusses her start in the sport from a very young age, she talks about how she has gotten into the different aspects of the sport in which she participates today. A woman of many talents, this is a […]

225: Bracket Racing Today Vs. Previous Eras

Would today’s most prominent bracket racers have been more successful or less successful in a previous era? What skill set has the biggest impact on success in today’s big dollar bracket world, and how has it changed? Jed and I discuss and debate these topics on this week’s podcast. In addition, we share some thoughts […]

224: Two Huge Winners Todd Arnold and Soggy Dunn

Jed gets the opportunity to sit down with two of the biggest winners of the 2021 season, the SFG $500k winner Todd Arnold and the Loose Rocker $75k winner Soggy Dunn. Both have incredibly unique stories, and it was really interesting to hear how their weekends played out.  www.thisisbracketracing.com/podcast