181: Henry Roberson Interview

Luke gets the chance to sit down with Henry Roberson. Henry has made a name for himself with his Facebook Live videos racing on the west coast! Tune in for an awesome interview!  Check out this episode!

Way Back Wednesday-2009

Sorry for the late post (this is last weeks WBW). Luke and Kevin McKenna throw back to 2009.  Check out this episode!

Way Back Wednesday- 2000

Kevin McKenna joins Luke to dial the Way Back Machine back to the year 2000! Check out this episode!

How Sweet the Sound!

We’re getting down to the short rows!  To recap, to get from here… To here… Well, we’ve made a lot of progress! Tear Down & Clean up… Check! Fiberglass & Fabrication… Check! Powder Coat… Check! Paint… Check! Carbon interior… Check! Assembly… Check! Wiring… Check! Drive Train… Check! Engine… Check! Boy oh boy, that doesn’t leave […]