1/27/2015 - TIBR Tutorial One The Math of Bracket Racing
In Tutorial One, Presented By American Race Cars, Luke Bogacki will dive in to the fundamentals of Bracket Racing. On the surface it may seem elementary but will set the table for many in depth discussions in the future!
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1/31/2015 - TIBR Tutorial Two The Importance of Staging
In Tutorial Two, Presented by Advanced Product Design Carburetors & Fuel Systems, Luke Bogacki will illustrate the finer points of staging the race car to reveal what may be a simple yet detrimental inconsistency in your racing program.
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2/10/2015 - TiBR Tutorial Three Introducing Three Basic Finish Line Strategies
In Tutorial Three, Presented by Moser Engineering, Luke explains in detail how the three basic finish line strategies are used by Successful Sportsman & Bracket Racers alike while providing insight on how to insert them into your racing repertoire.
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4/17/2015 - TiBR Tutorial Four Finishline Technique
In Tutorial Four presented by Auto Meter, Luke dives deeper into Finish Line Strategies and the mechanics of how to execute them properly. From judging rate of closure and finish line margin, to what he's physically looking at as he approaches the finish line.
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7/21/2015 - TiBR PRO Tutorial Five, The "Driver Strategy"
In TiBR PRO Tutorial Five Luke dives deeper into finish line strategy and execution. The "Driver" Strategy is one of the most effective strategies that can be pulled out of our arsenal and employed for key round victories against even the toughest opponents. For more information on The "Driver" Strategy visit ThisIsBracketRacing.com and read Tutorial Seven.
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11/17/2015 - TiBR PRO Tutorial Six, Spot Dropper Strategy
In Tutorial Six, Presented by the K&N Spring Fling Million, Luke Bogacki and the TiBR Staff deliver another game changing finish line strategy that is implemented by successful sportsman drag racers across all categories. The Spot Dropper Strategy! With detailed instruction, on-board & in-car footage, and finish line view learning a new club in your bag of tricks hasn't been easier. So sit down, squat down, or lie down and enjoy our latest instructional video to help elevate your spot drop strategy.
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