Adam Mesenbring

 “Hey Luke just wanted to send an email to you, and let you know how helpful the tips and all the info has been. I have been stock eliminator racing for about 3 years now, and I’ve been around it with my dad for my whole life who races super stock. We had tried a little bit of techniques of the dialer, and the spot-dropper in the past. But it never really worked and we never stuck to this. I recently got a job promotion and moved down to South Carolina from Minnesota, where now I have a lot of tracks and can try these techniques and practice these at local tracks on off weekends to be comfortable. Let me tell you I have been working on spot dropping being the slower car most of the time. The times I have practiced it and been using this technique, ITS AMAZING HOW IT WORKS, and how many rounds I have won having a little worse light. BASICALLY just wanted to say thanks for helping my racing get better and being a better driver all around. STICKING TO A GAME PLAN IN CERTAIN ROUNDS REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE FOR ME and I hope to race a lot more now that I’m down south. Now I feel a lot more confident thanks in part to and I can’t to get back on the track.”

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