Charlie Goff

"I had a huge day yesterday, running myself in the final of a big dollar event at Prescott Raceway.  I just wanted to say thanks for your web site and TIBR live school last year. I think I raced half the class this weekend, lol. In the 15 months since attending the school I've scored over $20,000 in winnings that I may not have otherwise. If you remember the 1st Friday after class I won my tuition back in Tulsa. I got started bracket racing late in life (35) and don’t race a ton so attending has helped my learning curve (which is far from over) . Beyond a shadow of a doubt I would not have won yesterday had I not pulled different clubs out of my bag against different opponents. Being the straight dialer would have gotten me trailerd early no doubt. Observation, having a clear game plan in the burnout box and execution of the plan played a big role. All things ive learned from  Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

Charlie Goff

TIBR Member Since 7-6-09

Graduate of TIBR "Live" at Prescott Raceway



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