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“I was having a conversation with a old racer friend today about bracket racing. It just so happened I was going through some old timeslips from the previous years when I looked at my losing slips. I noticed i lost a lot of races by taking the stripe by .060-.090 even when I was on the brakes. Now mind you, this was in street class going 104MPH at the stripe (all out). I kinda understood the game, but when conversing with my friend it dawned on me........since I subscribed to your site, I've been taking the stripe by .030 or less and making some tight races (and some were .010 or less, any more and I was a dead duck) .....and winning them. That's when it occurred to me, I have been learning from your site since the beginning of our bracket season. I did tell my friend what a help your site was.

I have always been a numbers guy and I think that is what intrigues me most about the sport. Joining your site has only expanded upon my knowledge on the subject and has actually made me appreciate the game even more. It's amazing how many guys I race with have no clue how the game is played.

While I am a fierce competitor, I do tell my bracket friends about your site.

Keep up the good work.”

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